Uganda Be Kidding Me: Tensions Rise Between Leaders and Prospects

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – All eyes have been drawn to the comings and goings of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force following a string of updates since their arrival on the scene not too long ago. Managing to max nine troops in their opening event, the army has managed to stay news worthy ever since.

On May 9th, a post was released about the formation of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. Uganda is a country in East Central Africa, and has recently found itself struggling following the outbreak of Coronavirus. With the pandemic, and problems stemming in the countries Government, the people of Uganda have looked to Club Penguin Rewritten for a band of hero’s.

Desperate to write some wrongs, Manu decided to put his career at Golden Guardians on the back burner. Still remaining a loyal second in command to the Golden Guardians, Manu knew he would have to persue opening a brand new army if he wanted to look after his own personal interests in the country of Uganda.

Two new leaders were soon after announced in the form of Koloway and Sniper. The two men brought a bucket of experience and managed to shake things up.

Koloway’s appointment to Ugandan Warlord was found to be extremely controversial. While the Sniper appointment appeared to go down without a hitch, the appointment of Koloway was met with issue and demand.

It was revealed in the last post that Koloway actually left before the historical first event of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force, in which the army managed to max an impressive 9 troops while giving us a Master Class in skilful tactics, formations and how to defend Uganda.

2funky3 is a veteran of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence force, being a loyal member of the army since the very first day of opening. With that being said, 2funky3 has many serious accolades accredited to him, such as the fact that throughout the entire storied history of the URDF, he has never ever missed a battle.

Not happy with being overlooked despite his very own achievements in the life of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force, Funky demanded to be promoted to the rank of ‘Warlord.’

A source close to the URDF has stated that Funky has been in contention for the Warlord position for an extremely long time, with the debate about his position being one that has lasted the entire generation.

Not too happy with the call for a coup, Koloway decided to release an official statement via the official Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force discord server. In rather intimidating fashion, Koloway warned Funky to “be careful of your surroundings” suggesting that a possible kidnap could be coming soon. While mysterious in nature, the next part of the quote was anything but. Koloway stated that he “would not tolerate a coup” leading to speculation that there is a plan in place.

What do YOU think? Is this tension good for the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force on their path to the Legends Cup? Should Funky receive the Warlord position?

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CP Army Media Executive Producer

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  1. I wonder if Koloway is going to kidnap Funky. Please update us on that

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