Uganda Be Kidding Me: Tylund Joins Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force

KLONDIKE, Atticus’s Office – From the corners of East Central Africa, comes a nation stricken by poverty, Coronavirus, government problems and more. Demanding and simply crying out for a hero in this dark time, a revolutionary defence force has burst onto the scene with a revolutionary new council.

On May 9th, Zing King To took to the CP Army Media website to announce the debut of the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. This was met with much interaction from the community, demanding more from the army.

With many goals established such as winning the Legends Cup, getting onto the historic Universal Top Twenty and raising the profile of Uganda, the army logged in for their first event. Maxing an impressive nine troops, the URDF demonstrated a clear ability to develop a wide range of varying tactics that would ensure they hold up as a threat to any and all other armies.

Koloway and Sniper were soon after brought into the Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force. Both men, with their unique skill set decided to come in at the rank of Warlord, standing shoulder to shoulder with Manu in order to provide a wealth of knowledge.

Realising there is power in numbers, the Golden Guardians Second in Command soon began bringing in the people that they knew would be great. With 2funky3 up for a Warlord consideration, Manu began bringing in some established names.

Manu arrived on the CP Army Media official discord server and met with Tylund1. The conversation between the two powerful figures was documented on the chat with Manu deciding to interrupt Atticus947’s claim for more Chief Executive Officers with a job offer of his own.

Opening a Revolutionary Council, Manu decided that the first member of that council would be Tylund1, should he choose to accept the rank. With the leadership now set in stone, and the council beginning to form – it seems that this army could be well on their way to defending Uganda with pride.

Tylund1 is an experienced and seasoned army veteran who has managed to clock up years of experience in different armies. The brand new member of the Revolutionary Council led the Light Troops of Club Penguin for an impressive span of near to five years in the old generation of Club Penguin. This is an acheivement that not many can claim to hold, with the Light Troops being voted into the Top Ten Armies of All Time list.

He then moved over to the Water Vikings, in which he led the army. In true Water Vikings fashion, it is possible that he led the army with about fifty other people as is the nature of said army. With the mountain of experience that he has, and the successful team stood with him in the leadership of the Uganda Revolutionary Defence Force, Tymatt can now begin the good work of protecting Uganda.

What do YOU think? Are you hungry for more Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force posts? Is there a GFX maker out there who can put URDF’s name on the Legends Cup Trophy just in case?


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer

Zing King To

CP Army Media Executive Producer

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