CP Army Media: Exclusive Top Ten Armies [5/3/20 – 5/9/20]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ – The administration has decided that we will continue to publish the exclusive Top Ten lists for CPA Media Armies, to see where you rank in this part of the community. There will be no descriptions to avoid being repetitive, so you can see these in our universal Top Tens.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [123.12] [+0]

2. Army of Club Penguin [74.34] [+0]

3. Help Force [64.20] [+0]

4. Golden Guardians [56.00] [NEW!]

5. Recon Federation [54.02] [+0]

6. Chaos [50.43] [-2]

7. Templars [46.00] [NEW!]

8. Pizza Federation [39.67] [+3]

9. Lime Green Army [35.49] [+3]

10. People’s Imperial Confederation [35.30] [-3]

Close to Top Ten:

11. OS Mascarados [33.75] [-3]

12. Puffle Warriors [32.50] [NEW!]

13. Crimson Guardians [30.40] [+0]

14. Silver Empire [27.50] [NEW!]

15. Heaven Army [27.00] [NEW!]

16. Barbz Of Club Penguin [26.00] [-6]

17. Water Force [24.50] [NEW!]

18. Vikings [23.50] [NEW!]

19. Sky Troops [23.00] [NEW!]

20. Ants [15.50] [NEW!]

Click Here to see the statistics/calculations


The top three remain untouched this week, but there is a new army in fourth, the Golden Guardians, that is looking to close that gap. We also see a bunch of new armies, partially boosted by the merger of PSAL into CPAM. What do YOU think about the Top Ten this week? Will RPF ever drop from their top position? Comment YOUR opinion.


CPAM Chief Executive Officer


CPAM Chief Executive Officer


CPAM Executive Producer


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