Freezie Departs From Dark Warriors Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Dark Warriors leader, legend and figurehead of the CP Online Army League, Freezie, has made his permanent departure from the army community yesterday, May 9th.

Known also for his leadership positions in the Doritos, Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation, Freezie has made an impact throughout his army career. His six-month involvement with the community came to an end yesterday, having returned November 2019 to lead the Doritos and advise the Redemption Force. After he left the Doritos, he rejoined the Dark Warriors leadership and came into conflict with his former home in the Christmas Chaos Finals, which resulted in a Dark Warrior victory and peak size of 80.

Since, the army has achieved a steady average of 50-100 under the leadership of Noa, Meghann, Bee and Freezie himself. His final event as commander of the Dark Warriors saw a spectacular turnout, with the army maxing a total of 94 penguins. They invaded the server White Out, executing tactics at the Iceberg.

Ice Berg: “The Dark Warriors love Freezie”.

Cove: Their peak of 94 soldiers online.

Freezie made an emotional speech after the event, thanking everyone for their hard work, recruiting efforts, event attendance, and overall impact on the Dark Warriors community:

Thank you guys for allowing me and the leadership to build the army. There’s been times (and the leadership know this) where I wanted to give up but what kept me going was seeing our community daily. Being able to just open Discord and see the chat popping at any time. Seeing friend groups, people’s lives being changed because there was people just there to talk about their day. That was motivation. We had to bring DW to the top just for you guys, both statistically and in terms of community. I might go off the radar for a while Discord wise, but I promise when I have free time I will always check in and help the army grow again. DW will be fine, DW is its own community and I was absolutely privileged to be apart of this generation. It has felt the most sincere and genuine group through the 10s of thousands of Dark Warriors I’ve met through the years. Thank you all, truly.

With Noa, Megann, and Bee still at the helm: what does this now mean for the Dark Warriors? Will they be able to maintain their sizes, or if they will crumble under the pressure?

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