Help Force Second-in-Command Juanita Retires

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Help Force second-in-command Juanita stepped down from her position this week, after a year of service.

Juanita departed the army on Friday, May 8th, after she made an announcement that stated she “needs time for her real life”. Popularly known to her troops for her ‘typos’ (nicknamed “Juanita Typing Syndrome”/JTS), Juanita was a longtime staff member after having originally joined in February 2019. Her final event was an invasion of CP Army: The Game’s server Skates. The EU division peaked at 28, the highest size for the army this week, and executed an array of strong tactics and formations.

May 8th: Invasion of Skates

Following her final event, she made a public statement on the Help Force Discord server, addressing her farewell to the army and soldiers:

I genuinely don’t know where to start, there’s so much I have to say. I joined Help Force on the 26th of December 2018 and there’s been so many memories that took place since then, I‘ve loved every moment of being part of HF and always will. It honestly hurts to leave this amazing community , I‘ve met so many wonderful members, staff and leaders who i still look up to, to this day. I‘m so thankful that i got to be in this army and especially to somehow get staff the girl who can barely type. Although it took me around 10 months to get promoted from Marshal to Chief, it was definitely worth it and I‘m extremely glad i stayed this long. This just shows that you should never give up and to be patient with things and you’ll always get there the harder you try. Help Force has always been amazingly sweet , even with all the teasing about my typos, and most importantly a wonderful family to me. But at this point I have to focus in my real life and school. I‘m going to miss each and everyone of you here, whether you know me well or not. From the raids, Events, tournaments and games like jackbox to VC parties and just our chats in general, It’s all been enormously fun and exciting and I hope that everyone here gets to properly be part of all this. Not gonna lie tho, I can see my self waking up tomorrow and coming on discord and being like “oh wait…” Might end up being like this for a week or two, maybe more haha. Now before I make this extremely long, I just want to tell y’all to keep the force standing strong at all times, if anything, stronger and to make everyone related and a part of Help Force proud. As I once said, “Keep Unleshing the poem of helping”

CP Army Media got the chance to exclusively speak to Juanita to find out the circumstances surrounding her departure.

How long were you staff in Help Force?

Juanita: I got Moderator on the 18th on February 2019, so that would be a year and nearly 3 months.

Wow! That’s a long time. You were staff in Help Force for over a year, and you had a few inactive periods. What made you choose to retire instead now?

Juanita: Well, I chose to retire now as I needed more time to focus on my real life and Help Force wouldn’t need an inactive 2ic, who can’t get on often either.

Ah, that makes sense. Well, what are some things you enjoy doing outside of discord and cp?

Juanita: I enjoy swimming, listening to music and just playing games or spending time with family and friends.

You’re notable in Help Force for your many typos, commonly referred to as “JTS” or “Juanita Typing Syndrome”. What’s the story behind the name?

Juanita: Anyone who’s talked to me knows that I can’t type without making a typo here and then. So over a year ago, when I had been a few weeks in Help force Elpiojo had called my typos “Juanita Syndrome” but after a few days it was dying. Then another member of Help force, Kuk, renamed it into Juanita Typing Syndrome, JTS for short and that stuck. Now whenever someone makes a typo, they blame it on JTS. That’s pretty much the story.

The Help Force recently just missed out on a top ten spot on the Universal Top Ten Armies listing (click here to see that) – could Juanita’s sudden departure make things worse? Or will the Help Force bounce back in the weeks to come?

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