Invasions Review [5/2- 5/9]

KLONDIKE, CPA Media Headquarters- With the addition of the sever map, armies from the CPO, CPR, Penguin Saloon, and CPATG communities have been busy invading land. It is our goal at CPA Media to provide you up to date information on the invasions that have occurred this week. Continue reading for an overview of this week’s invasions.

  • The invading army will always be on the left, while the defending army will always be on the right.
  • The server will be displayed as follows: “Klondike:”
  • The arrow (←) will be pointing toward the victor.
  • If the battle is disputed, the arrow will point both ways ( ↔ ).
  • If the battle is agreed to be a tie, an equals sign will replace the arrows (=).
  • In the rare case of a disputed tie, the equal sign will be on the side of the army claiming a tie, while the arrow will be pointing towards the army claiming victory.
  • If one army posts of a battle on their site and the other army does not, the army that posts will be marked the victors on the review unless they formally admit defeat.
  • If a server is being invaded for the first time, it will be succeeded with: “Claiming”
  • If a server, which is already owned by an army, is being invaded by another army without a specific war in effect, it will be succeeded with: “Cleanse from army name. “

CPR Invasions


Friday, May 8th

Sleet: Golden Guardians (Claiming)

Crystal: Rebel Penguin Federation (Claiming)

Blizzard: Recon Federation (Claiming)

Marshmallow: Recon Federation (Claiming)


CPO Invasions 


Sunday, May 3rd 

Rocky Road: Doritos (Claiming)

Monday, May 4th

Fiesta: Golds (Claiming)

Shiver: Janitors (Claiming)

Aurora: Ice Warriors (Claiming)

Tuesday, May 5th

Oyster: Squires (Claiming)

Crystal: Tree Cult (Claiming)

Blizzard: Golden Troops (Claiming)

White House: Golds (Claiming)

Winter Land: Pirates (Claiming) 

Parka: Ice Warriors (Claiming)

Husky: Templars (Claiming)

Sled: Animal Kingdom (Claiming)

Outback: Dark Warriors (Claiming)

Yukon: Royal Family (Claiming)


Wednesday, May 6th 

Iceland: Doritos (Claiming)

Misty: Athletes (Claiming)

Chinook: Redemption Force (Claiming)

Fjord: Squires (Claiming)

Yeti: Aliens (Claiming)

Slushy: Janitors (Claiming)

Rainbow: Animal Kingdom (Claiming)

Adventure: Golds (Claiming)

Permafrost: Marines (Claiming) 


Thursday, May 7th 

Walrus: Janitors (Claiming) 

Tea: Tree Cult (Claiming)

Polar: Pirates (Claiming) 

Tundra: Ice Warriors (Claiming)

Sherbet: Golden Troops (Claiming)

Cloudy: Instrumentalists (Claiming)

Great White: Animal Kingdom (Claiming)

Hypothermia: Redemption Force (Claiming)

Alaska: Royal Family (Claiming)

Abominable: Golds (Claiming


Friday, May 8th 

Sardine: Athletes (Claiming)

Cabin: Squids (Claiming)

Husky: SWAT (Claiming)

Hockey: Animal Kingdom (Claiming)

Frozen: Ice Warriors (Claiming)


Saturday, May 9th

Fog: Golds (Claiming)

Zipline: Athletes (Claiming)

Jackhammer: Pirates (Claiming)

Sparkle: Royal Family (Claiming)

Cozy: Animal Kingdom (Claiming)

Arctic: Golden Troops (Claiming) 

Hibernate: SWAT (Claiming)


PS Invasions


Friday, May 8th

Polar: Silver Empire (Claiming)

White House: Os Mascarados (Claiming)

Klondike: Water Force (Claiming)

Beanie: People’s Imperial Confederation (Claiming)


CPATG Invasions


Friday, May 8th

Ice Palace: Templars (Claiming)

Cold Front: Help Force (Claiming)

Skates: Help Force (Claiming)

Hockey: Recon Federation (Claiming)

Frostbite: Golden Guardians (Claiming)

Blizzard: Help Force (Claiming) 


Saturday, May 9th

Glacier: Templars (Claiming) 

Fiesta: Os Mascarados (Claiming)


Comment your opinion on this week’s invasions! Did you like the format of the post and was it easy to understand? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


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