Administration Statement: Removal of CPAC 5

KLONDIKE, Staff Desk — When CPAM was first founded, the leaders of the three armies involved in its creation agreed that it would aim to control toxicity, promote positive cooperation between armies and amongst its staff, and cater to the desires of armies, not those in the administration. Since this foundation, much has changed as we attempt to adjust to those needs but those values hold firm as we navigate new territory. However, since the CPAC 5 joined us, they have dismissed those values at every turn in favour of their own selfish ideas. It is with distaste that Ayan, Emcee, and Pookie have come to the conclusion that they have pushed us backwards and cannot remain on staff any longer if CPAM is to retain its integrity and continue its mission.

Reason 1: Manipulation & Thirst for Power

CPAM, from its formation, has always worked toward fairness and in armies’ best interests. Its foundation has always been built on eliminating corruption by heavily involving army leader opinions, staying out of inter-army affairs as much as possible unless asked to step in, and running unbiased news in cooperation with our staff. However, since the CPAC 5 joined, Atticus, Zing, and Funks with Orange’s support have made it clear that cooperation is the least of its concerns in comparison to their own desire for control.

We firmly believe that the reason CPAM is successful is due to the participation of Army Leaders in decision making. It removes attempts at taking control and allows for leaders themselves to make the decisions in the community. Even when the administration doesn’t completely agree with army leaders, they will relent to what they want through voting. The fact that this group wanted to take over that decision making and have a majority within themselves goes against everything CPAM stands for and displays their true agenda to run things according to their own desires.

Funks proposes an additional staff vote to push through their own goals and rival army leader votes as well as plans for a re-imagined staff.

In less than a week, Atticus, Zing, Funks, and Orange are already discussing how to derail CPAM by formulating a plan to remove an advisor, an Executive Producer, and two Chief Executive Officers. When these opponents were gone, they and their supporters would hold full control over Club Penguin Army Media. These people who they want to be removed, happen to be the same people who critiqued their ideas in any way. At the same time, they cry censorship when the news organization they seek control over is barred from being a continued battleground on which to fight personal battles.

When approached with the opportunity to have the CPAC 5 join our team in CPAM, we jumped at the opportunity. All three of us were looking forward to the partnership. We hoped to build something stronger and greater with all of us at the helm, working together. The result, however, has been the degradation of everything we wanted when creating CPAM. While these issues have been specifically with Atticus and Zing, Funks has joined in on their plans for power-grabbing in private. Their motives and actions until now have only caused chaos amongst those of us who built this organization and hope to preserve its future, significantly impacting our trust of the CPAC 5 as a whole.

Blatant disregard for other staff’s opinions.

Within 48 hours of joining us, Zing and Atticus discuss their true goal of taking over.

This displays a lack of desire to work with staff, only dismissal of others’ efforts and a desire to take over.

Blatant desire to take over through shady means.

Active dismissal of concerns about excessive pinging and finger pointing at other staff, creating division.

Continuation of the conversation above, taking control instead of working with a team.

Reason 2: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Unprofessional Conduct

CP Army Media is a hub for all the armies outside of CPO. It has been a server where everyone can talk and have fun with the community. This discord has served to be one of the better-moderated army Discords with people from several armies on the moderation team. Though, after the induction of CPAC 5, especially Zing, it’s turned progressively more toxic server. Zing, an Executive Producer, breaks rules without blinking an eye. The website has been recently used to publish news with blatant sexist remarks. Zing has commented with homophobic remarks as well. We’ve received multiple complaints regarding the degraded quality of general chat. Below, you can see several instances of such incidents taking place as well as moments behind the scenes or in articles where Zing refers to inappropriate conduct or comments.

Fat-shaming comments in general chat.

References to potentially spreading dox information.

One of Zing’s few comments on the site, it is homophobic and inappropriate.

Zing’s input in the “All Women Leadership” post about PIC.

CPAM is against racism, and inappropriate content, yet Zing writes without regard for offense.

Encouragement of defacing sites.

We’re sorry to everyone that these incidents took place. We saw about 150 users leave the Discord server due to excessive pings for joke posts and inappropriate conduct in our chats. CP Army Media assures you that we do not condone such remarks in any way. The line was crossed, and thus it proved to be one of the reasons for their removal.

Reason 3: Continuous Threats & Division 

If you’re in a staff team, and your opinion isn’t being accepted by other members, what would you do? People who want to be a part of something would usually talk about it and try to come to a conclusion. In this case, each debate that happened ended up with negative remarks and threats such as “We’ll make a new News Site”, “We should never have been here”, “CPAC 5 to the CPAC 5 group chat”, etc. It’s never a healthy environment where you need to agree with someone based on the fact that they’ll leave if you don’t. Below, you can see instances where such things took place.

Conspiring to remove a Staff Member just because they’re “irritating”.

Personal agenda being carried out through the News Site.

CP Army Media has always aimed to be the best news site around. Armies have been divided for a vast span of time, and our hope is to end that but not sacrifice our moral standards in the process. The newest army community, Penguin Saloon Army League, was formed earlier this month. CPAM has a good relationship with PSAL in an attempt to create unity and has been in the process of discussing a merge. Soon after the recent staff additions, for the sake of power, Zing privately talked with Blank (PSAL’s Founder) and tried to get through a negotiation in which PSAL would give CPAC 5 the control of their league.

Goals to control both news sites at one time revealed. **CLICK TO ENLARGE**

It’s becoming more and more clear that the longer Atticus and Zing stay in CPAM, their public benevolence masks a manipulative edge, meant exclusively to take control of this organization and force those who disagree with their ideas out. Many ideas have taken shape in CPAM without Ayan or I being aware of them until they had already been implemented, and when we question them we are met with nothing but backlash. The CPAC 5 sees themselves as the only ones capable of enacting any positive change when it is their own stubbornness and inability to communicate with those outside of their own group that causes most of the negative change.

Working with Zing and Atticus has been difficult on its own as they struggle to compromise with us even when we relent to their ideas. CPAM exhibited a new low of toxicity in recent days than it had seen in the three months of its existence. Until now, CPAM has always stood for cooperation but it has been greatly hindered since our decision to absorb the CPAC 5 and made many on our staff not only uncomfortable but straight up unwelcome. To repair these divides and restore some peace, we make a tough decision for our future, but one that will open us up to a brighter outlook. CPAM will continue to be a universal organization, produce honest news and a platform for armies to create change, without the ulterior motives of the CPAC 5.
CPAM will continue to produce honest news and a platform for armies to create change, without the ulterior motives of the CPAC 5.

For the betterment of the community, we’re here, once again.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Executive Producer

4 Responses

  1. Who is taking over this time. Do we need to get new ones you can always try getting people from cpo to cpr jk

  2. This had to be done, shocking they already had plans to take control the second they joined here.

  3. What a shame, to think these guys were signs of quality in CPAC era… still I can’t believe it, it happened. Good and quick reaction, CPAM.

  4. never thought i’d find myself commenting on a site intended for club penguin again but oh well

    as a former cpac staff, i had the experience of working with the (somehow proclaimed) cpac top 5 in the past. and i can tell you with the exception of Superoo and Supa, these were far from our best and im sorry thats the only impression some of the newer generation will have of the old guard.

    it bodes over massively well for the people taking on the what can seem like impossible job of conducting a media site for club penguin armies, Ayan, Emcee, and Pookie to have the foresight and integrity to surface this little ploy and snuff it out before it impacted what theyre building. well done.

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