Night Warriors Return: A Disappointing Start?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Night Warriors made their comeback on May 11th with an opening training event. But did they make the impact they were hoping? 

Having been created way back in 2009, the Night Warriors have seen many new generations throughout the years. After a long period of inactivity, they returned to Club Penguin Online this year, peaking at a size of 65 for their opening event. Despite this huge success, the decision was made to transfer their operations to the Club Penguin Rewritten community after they suffered a website defacement and leadership removal. Advisor Flen put in place a new leadership consisting of Dino, Games and Olimad, with the hope of keeping the army alive and successful (click here to read about that). 

Their first event occurred at a UK and USA friendly time, and consisted of a training event on CP Rewritten. The first room, the Plaza, began with a strong vertical line formation and a variety of emote tactics. Here, they hit their peak size of 6 penguins. 

May 11th: The Night Warriors reopen.

In the second room, the Town, they dropped in size and attempted more ambitious tactics such as a flower bomb. Their formation was a horizontal line, and tactics were again strong. The final room, the Ice Berg, consisted of a similar story to the others.

Leader Dino commented on his army’s performance in the results post, stating: While things didn’t go as planned, we were able to last about 15 or so minutes! I see this as a win.” Following the event, CP Army Media spoke exclusively to him about the army’s performance, as well as his future goals. 

Are you disappointed about the large drop in size for your first CP Rewritten event?

Dino: No, that is expected. What I am disappointed about is that we had around 12 event reactions and only 4 of those reactions attended (the other 2 were mercenaries). I knew we weren’t going to max 50+ but we could had maxed a lot more than 6.

What would you like to say to those who reacted but didn’t show up?

Dino: We have an rule regarding inactivity. If you’re going to react to attend, you must follow through with your promise. I never bluff when I say something. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. If you’re just going give us false hopes, you may as well stay at Recruit. We have a channel for stating why you can’t attend. Use that. It’s there for a reason.

What do you have planned for Night Warriors future?

Dino: Recruit, recruit, recruit. I cannot stress this enough. If we’re going to make a presence, we have to recruit. Only me and Games are recruiting rn which is really disappointing. It’s Romans all over again.

It is clear the Night Warriors, an ambitious army with a dedicated leadership, struggled to make impact in their return event. But are the achievements of the army’s successes on CP Online overshadowing this current generation?

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief 

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  1. It feels like a transfer between different CPPSs really shows how it can affect an army but I feel like NW can pull this off especially with a leader like Dino. From what I’ve heard is not only just a capable leader but a really smart one as well

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