Penguin Saloon Army League Merges with CP Army Media

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – We would like to formally welcome the Penguin Saloon Army League as a wonderful addition to our contribution team. They were a Club Penguin Army League made for a different club penguin private server called Penguin Saloon. Blank ceremoniously made a statement on the Penguin Saloon Army League discord on May 9th, which can be found below.  I got to sit down and formally do an interview with one of the former founders of Penguin Saloon Army League, Mr. Blank.

Blank’s statement on the condition of the Army League.

Interview Section

Skyfull-Hi, Mr. Blank thank you for letting me interview you.

Blank-No, problem!

Skyfull-First, question, how didPSAL come about?

Blank-When I first joined PS I had thought of introducing armies into the game, I knew that it had some popularity so I went and took the opportunity, forming the PSAL and starting to make it what it became.

Skyfull-Why did y’all make the move in the first place?

Blank-The army community has been pretty divided, main example being CPOAL and CPAM. With PSAL it would have led to more of a division between the army community. We felt that it would be best for both communities if there was a merger, myself and Sahij would continue doing what the original plan was on PSAL and organize league events for the rest of the CPAM now that we’re a part of it, this was to bring a greater change in the army community.

Skyfull-What was your history with cpa?

Blank-I started off in CPA in Jan. of 2019, joining the Pirates of CPO. Throughout the course I joined LT as they had been an ally and moved up the ranks quickly, soon becoming a commander for a short time before it got shut down for several months. Upon the time of Pirates shutting down in the summer I created an army that was called theDragons of CPO with another staff of pirates, soon leaving it after we had differences on how it should run. Before this occurred however we merged with the army Redemption Force and I became a leader there, internal conflict led to its eventual fall. Pirates soon re-opened and I continued working my way up the ranks, eventually becoming a 2ic. I was then banned in the month of Feb. for a reason that I’m still not sure of, and have since created the PSAL.

Skyfull-Who else was helping you run PSAL?

Blank-I had a lot of assistance from BRPlayer and Bicks, Sahij had been made my co-owner.

Skyfull– Thank you for your time today Mr. Blank.

Blank– Anytime!

Over the years CPAM has become the home for several armies and CPAM is looking forward to being the platform for Penguin Saloon armies. What do you think of the merge between Club Penguin Army Media and Penguin Saloon Army League?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


Club Penguin Army Media Reporter Trainee

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