Top Twenty Armies: AUSIA Curve Explained || Statement On Coin Events In the Top 20

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ – Following the alteration of our top tens, including both moving to a universal listing as well as a new formula, we wanted to clarify how these changes will work and what we have altered.

The current formula being used is similar to that used by CPA Central throughout most of their existence since they established a top ten formula to avoid ‘bias’ on the part of the person making the top ten. This therefore allows for an objective listing based purely on statistics and performance, rather than personal preferences – these changes revolutionised the top ten and all-but ended the bias accusations. The formula calculates army performances based on three categories:

  • Size: This section makes up the largest amount of points collected by armies. The larger the size, the more points you get for this section – the amount of points you get for ‘size’ is purely your average size in the week. AUSIA events get multiplied up to match up with UK/US size, which will be explained later.
  • Event Quality: Event quality is the next category, and this makes up to 25 points in your score. The more events you have, the more points you get. You receive 4 points for every battle with another army, 2.5 points for training sessions/solo events and 1 point for recruiting sessions. Another section, called ‘coin events’, will be added in – this is explained later on in the post.
  • Tactics: This is the third and final category, and you can get a maximum of 15 points. With every event in consideration, this looks at how good your tactics and formations are. If you have more rouge events with poor tactics – this will lower your score. Perfect tactic sessions will get you 15/15.

Now that how the top ten is calculated is explained, I would like to move on to the two main issues we have looked at – the AUSIA curve multiplier and our stance on coin events.

AUSIA Curve Explained

The AUSIA curve works to boost the average size included in the top ten for AUSIA events. This is done because AUSIA divisions and the representation of this region in CP Armies is much lower than UK/US, so we want to encourage AUSIA events while making sure they are not having a negative impact on top ten positions.

Previously, we were simply applying either a x1.3 or x1.4 multiplier to all AUSIA sizes. While this does work, it does have some issues. If we applied a x1.3 multiplier to AUSIA sizes for armies getting 5-20, this is too low. However, a x1.4 multiplier for armies getting 90+ is far too high. We therefore decided to calculate and apply a mathematical formula that applies a larger curve for armies getting smaller AUSIA sizes. The impact of this formula can be seen below, with actual sizes on the left, and the sizes we then use to calculate with on the right:

This means that AUSIA sizes of 5-10 are multiplied by nearly 50%, whereas when you get to 95 the multiplier is removed. This is because, at larger sizes, a multiplier is not required to encourage events and the division is at this point as large as UK/US divisions. We want to encourage AUSIA events, without giving a massive boost.

Statement On Coin Events In the Top 20

After reviewing the last top ten and hearing concerns from the community, we have made a decision on the use and calculation of coin events in the universal top 20. Using coins as incentives has given some armies on CP Online an unfair advantage, creating superficial sizes that would not be sustained. For example, the Pirates Army has their discord permanently promoted on the CP Online discord offering coins to new troops. Each army in CPO is given coins for up to three events a week, so we have therefore made an alteration to the calculation to address this in-balance.

Therefore, we have altered the points received in ‘event quality’ to make this more balanced. Instead of what would normally be 2.5 points, coin events will be given -1 points instead (a 3.5 point reduction per event – therefore up to 10.5 points lower). This will seek to mitigate the increases in size this unequal offering leads to. We are constantly listening to the community, and this change, amongst others in the top ten, is always open for discussion.

Let us know what YOU think about the changes to the top ten formula. Are these changes fair and what other alterations could we make? Comment YOUR opinion.


CPAM Chief Executive Officer



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