CP Emperors Revived: The Next Small/Medium Force?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Emperors Army has been revived once more, with their opening event showing huge promise. Could they be the next big force in the small-medium community?

With newly created armies having made prominent entrances to the community in recent times, the Emperors have been revived for the first time in four years with the hope of making a name for themselves once more. The Emperors we were created by Shaktimaan5 in 2015, and after some success in the small-medium army community, they became inactive and cased operations a year later, in 2016.

May 2020: Opening event.

However, they returned to the community this week with a new-found lease of life, holding a strong first event that witnessed perfect tactics and 5 people in attendance. With troop numbers already higher than their previous generation, will this promising start manifest into further growth? CP Army Media managed to interview creator and leader, Shaktimaan5, to discuss his army’s return:

What prompted you to make your return to CP armies?

Shaktimaan5: I just missed being in the armies, I missed attending the events and leading my army.

Have you had sparked any alliances with other armies yet?

Shaktimaan5: Yes, the Club Penguin Reds and took a lot of help from them at my first event.

Are your current numbers different to what they were back in 2016 and if so, will it be difficult to regain those numbers?

Shaktimaan5: Previously, my troop numbers were around 2-3 per event sometimes 5-6, even maxing at 7! Right now we average at four, slightly better than 2015/2016.

How many events have you had since your return?

Shaktimaan5: Only 1 so far on CPATG, I was hoping to max out five. Our second event is coming soon though.

What are your future plans?

Shaktimaan5: I hope my return is better than my original run. I hope to at least start maxing out at 10 troops per event!

Yet another ‘original’ army seems to have made their return to this new private server community. Will they be the next big thing in the small-medium community? Or could their promising return event lead to, like in the previous generation, inactivity?

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