LGA Transfers Great White to RPF, RFCP Invades RPF

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – The Recon Federation of Club Penguin expected to invade the Lime Green Army’s capital Great White on CPATG, but things took a turn when LGA transferred Great White to their allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Prior Bumble and RFCP declared war on the Lime Green Army on the 30th of April, making it clear that he wants them to fail. The leader of Lime Green Army, Karma, states, “Prior made it clear that he declared war on us based on his personal grudges against LGA and PIC.”

With the recent addition of the map on CPAM, which made it much easier for armies to understand which army owns which servers, RFCP declared an invasion on Great White on May 11th at 7 PM EST. However, in their war terms, RFCP did not state that no transfers were allowed. This allowed for LGA to transfer their capital, Great White, to RPF. Karma states, “RFCP thought it would be smart to invade our Capital, so we decided to have some fun with the situation. Our good friends at RPF agreed to take in the server as their own and defend it with LGA and the People’s Imperial Confederation.”

The battle commenced, and both sides came out to fight. RFCP fought alone, while the RPF fought with allies LGA and PIC.

The battle started off in docks, then the mine, and finally the pool. As seen below, RFCP was outnumbered by RPF in all three rooms. RFCP fought hard despite their lower max, making it a strong fight from both sides. Unfortunately for RFCP, RPF’s overall tactics were bigger and better, making their defense of Great White a success. It was a well fought battle from both sides. And in the end, the Lime Green Army will keep their capital Great White.


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  1. damn great post, good work

  2. I did not expect to defend so quickly after WWR. I hope nothing sparks up from this.

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