PSAL Removes Templars, Banned for Recruiting?

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Media HQ — While the community lies amid battles, dramas, and other army scenarios, the Templars Army faced a ban from the Penguin Saloon Army League on May 12th, 2020. What caused this? What were the reactions? Read more to find out about it!

Penguin Saloon is a Club Penguin Private Server which opened it’s doors to the community earlier this month. Since then, it has been an attraction for several users and armies, considering the widespread growth of the private server. With the opening of the CPPS, a new army league emerged through the shadows, called the Penguin Saloon Army League (PSAL). The League has been an attraction for smaller armies operating on PS (Penguin Saloon), but also saw registrations of significant commands such as the Templars of CP.

PSAL’s owner announcing the rules for the Armies registered.

Armies, in the community, have devised several innovative ways to recruit new users into their servers. One of them being the Discord Recruitment. The Templars Army faced an issue with the administration regarding the rules of recruiting set for the League. On May 12th, 2020, the PSAL Administrator – Flypin, announced that:

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that DM recruiting from the PS server is NOT ALLOWED. Make sure you all read the rules and are familiar with them. I’m happy to answer any questions that you may have as well.

After facing issues with the League rules, and failing to comply with them, the Army League decided to impose a ban on the Templars itself. A wave of terror passed through the armies registered in PSAL after the drama. Here’s what the owner of the League announced:

Templar’s is removed from the league for constantly dm recruiting in PS and ignoring the warnings of the staff of Penguin Saloon. Any army caught dm recruiting from now on will be removed from the league.

There have been several instances in the community where a Club Penguin Army is banned from a League or a Private Server. In most of the cases, it happens due to the rules set by the entities. Armies are supposed to be a group of users who log into the game and have fun. Controversies arise when the game’s administration starts getting involved in armies itself. Several debates happen daily regarding this issue, but there has been no particular outcome coming from it.

Should there be rules imposed by leagues for Recruiting? Should CPPS’ administrators be involved in army affairs?
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  1. Removed completely from the league? Wouldn’t this only make it so you can get other armies removed from the league. An example: Let’s say I don’t like LGA so I make a bunch of discord accounts and mass recruit for them until they get removed from the league. I feel like this can turn into a mess if it get tense between armies over there.

  2. Great article!

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