Into the Vault: Legends Cup

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — It has been more than three years since Club Penguin shut its doors. With its closure, it’s our responsibility to continue the legacy. Legends Cup is one of the most prestigious tournaments in Club Penguin Armies. CP Army Media presents to you an informative post about the tournament’s history along with its current situation.

The Legends Cup is a tournament that was hosted by CP Army Central every year, first beginning in 2010. There were a total of eight editions of the competition during Disney’s Club Penguin. Club Penguin Online’s Army League hosted the Ninth edition of the tournament in the summer of 2018. Below is a list of all the winners & finalists of the Legends Cup:

  • 2010 (I): Nachos (vs. Ice Warriors)
  • 2011 (II): Ice Warriors (vs. Army of CP and Ninjas)
  • 2012 (III): Ice Warriors (vs. Army Republic)
  • 2013 (IV): Rebel Penguin Federation (vs. Doritos and Nachos)
  • 2014 (V): Ice Warriors (vs. Nachos)
  • 2015 (VI): Rebel Penguin Federation (vs. Water Vikings)
  • 2016 (VII): Rebel Penguin Federation (vs. Water Vikings)
  • 2017 (VIII): Nachos (vs. Light Troops)
  • 2018 (IX): Rebel Penguin Federation (vs. Elite Trackers & Activities)
  • 2020 (X): (?)

This year, for the Tenth Anniversary of the Legends Cup, CP Army Media will be hosting it on a vast scale to build the hype as well as the activity. With the Rebel Penguin Federation winning the title four times previously, it will be an interesting watch to see who grabs it this time.

Legends Cup V Finals: Ice Warriors vs. Nachos

The 2014 Legends Cup was the fifth Legends Cup tournament ever to occur. 26 Armies participated in the competition. The armies progressed into the tournament with the Ice Warriors defeating the Night Warriors in the semi-finals and the Nachos defeating Light Troops on the other side. With the Ice Warriors and Nachos into the finals, the whole community awaited for the exciting final battle.

Legends Cup V Bracket

Both armies had suitable sizes of over 25. The finals went through the Iceberg (Tie), Snow Forts (Nachos), and the Stadium (Ice Warriors). Due to a tie-score, overtime was declared for the competitors. Beach, the final room, witnessed one of the most intense battles fought in army history. After an hour-long battle, the title of the winner was given to the —
Ice Warriors.

Ice Warriors vs. Nachos – Iceberg

The community witnessed the rematch from the first-ever Legends Cup tournament, after exactly five years. In 2010, the first edition saw the Nachos defeat the Ice Warriors. Five years later, the Ice Warriors were able to get their revenge.

It’s the year 2020. The community still stands strong with active Private Servers like Club Penguin Rewritten & Penguin Saloon. CP Army Media will be bringing to you the Tenth Edition of the Legends Cup this summer. With strong forces like the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of CP, etc., it will be interesting to see who grabs the title this year. (Click Here to read about the upcoming Summer Events!)

What do YOU think about the upcoming Legends Cup? Will the RPF snatch the trophy this time, again? How many armies will participate?
Comment below and let us know your opinions!


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  1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing an awesome cup between the armies. Wish the best luck to all of them.

  2. Amazing post Ayan, exciting times ahead!

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