Lime Green Army Rebrand as Lime Legion

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Lime Green Army have re-branded as ‘Lime Legion’, expanding their operations and establishing themselves as a gaming community. But what does this mean for their future in Club Penguin armies?

The Lime Green Army reopened their doors just over a month ago, yet have recently made a major change: the re-branding of their name to the ‘Lime Legion‘. The Lime Legion is a brand new gaming community that will still operate the ‘Lime Green Army’ on Club Penguin Rewritten, but also include additional gaming communities. This significant change came after their worries of current CP Private Server drama, including a new YouTube video, released May 13th, titled “Disney Needs To Shut Down This Club Penguin Server…” (click here to watch).

Since their reopening, the Lime Green Army have been every successful in the small-medium army community. The army recently joined the Penguin Saloon league, and successfully invaded the server Northern Lights with their ‘AUSIA’ division, on May 9th.

May 9th: LGA invade Northern Lights.

The re-brand was announced on Wednesday, May 13th, by creator Trev/Greeny. After declaring the transition into a gaming community, members were encouraged to suggest new games for the Legion to cover. The announcement also made clear that the Lime Green Army would still be holding Club Penguin events, as usual.

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Following in the footsteps of the Rebel Penguin Federation, who made a similar change last year, which army will be next to expand their gaming coverage? Will the Lime Legion lose focus on their Lime Green Army, or could this in fact boost their Club Penguin army?

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4 Responses

  1. I think this could benefit the LGA, with more members seeing an appeal to join their server.

  2. I like trains 🙂

  3. i dont like this because i cant call them lg gay

  4. I see the upsides as they cover more stuff more people will join, but I feel like “LGA” was a powerful name that would fit anything.

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