Practice Battle Review: Pirates vs. Golds

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ Two of the community’s largest forces, Pirates and Golds, recently came face-to-face in a heated practice battle. But who emerged the victor?
In the midst of a huge alliance war on CP Online (click here to read about), two of the community’s biggest armies battled it out in a friendly match. After placing the first and sixth on the Top Ten respectively, the Pirates and Golds logged onto the server Wool Socks for an intense 30-minute battle.
Starting at the Ice Berg, before moving on to the Stadium, both forces executed an array of strong tactics and formations. The Pirates peaked at 110 while in the Golds hit 52, both armies suffering from locked-out troops.
With things very close in the battle rooms, the Pirates emerged as the victors. This came down to their superior size, as both opposing armies managed to maintain a strong mix of word and emotes tactics throughout.
Proud Pirates leader Adam made the following comment on the battle:
Today, we did have OPERATION: ROALDS but instead we had a practice battle with Golds! Good job lads! You did good today.
With the Pirates claiming victory in this practice battle with friends, the Golds, what is next for them? Could they join the huge alliance war taking the CP Online community by storm? Or will they maintain their neutral stance?

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  1. Great showing from both armies!

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