S/M Army Tournament: Challengers Cup

KLONDIKE, Battleground — With the release of Summer 2020 @ CP Army Media comes various events we hope the community will enjoy. To kick it all off, we decided to invite the S/M Army Community to compete in the Challengers Cup Tournament. The Tournament starts on:
Sunday, 17th May 2020

The Challengers Cup will have several armies pitted against each other throughout the tournament. They will be seeded based on their Top Ten ranks. Any army which does not wish to participate must inform the administration immediately. The tournament will be hosted on CP Armies: The Game. Considering the fact that the Penguin Saloon Army League shares a partnership with CP Army Media, we invite their community to be a part of this event as well!

Invited Armies

Aliens Army [Confirmed]

Angels Army [Confirmed]

Ants Army [TBA]

Barbz [Declined]

Coup Crusaders [Confirmed]

Crimson Guardians [Confirmed]

Doves Army [TBA]

Emperors [Confirmed]

Pizza Federation [Confirmed]

Lime Green Army [TBA]

Kings Army [Confirmed]

Metal Warriors [Confirmed]

Night Warriors [Confirmed]

Ninjas [TBA]

Os Mascarados [Confirmed]

Peoples Imperial Confederation [Confirmed]

Silver Empire [Confirmed]

Sky Troops [Confirmed]

Water Force [Declined]


Army Leaders of the armies listed will be approached by CP Army Media within the next 24 hours. Make sure to reply as soon as you can!

Over the next few days, we will release several posts about the Tournament in order to advertise it and create hype for these conquests!

  • Tournament Schedule
  • Predictions
  • Meet the Judges

Was your Army not included? Who do YOU think will take home the Challengers Cup? Comment below and let us know!

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