The Third New Dawn Alliance Declares WAR on the Ice Warriors, IW Responds

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SWAT, coming off of a coup and a pseudo civil-war, has formed what is now the third “New Dawn” Alliance in CPA history, and has immediately declared war on Andrew24’s Ice Warriors. Click below to find out all the juicy details!

The recently revived SWAT, after kicking out Zuke, a known member of the “Drew Crew,” have formed a coalition to declare war on the Ice Warriors: The New Dawn Alliance. The title of New Dawn Alliance has been used twice before, most notably by the triple alliance consisting of the Army of Club Penguin, Doritos of Club Penguin, and the Rebel Penguin Federation, in which they declared war on the Nachos, whom they saw as “controlling” Club Penguin Army Central at the time. While this new alliance has no connections to the now long defunct NDA, SWAT’s alliance may be just as powerful – if not more powerful –  than the original New Dawn Alliance. Consisting of SWAT, Doritos of Club Penguin, Elites, Royals, Athletes, Light Troops, and the Tree Cult, those who have seen the Universal Top Twenty would know just how powerful these armies are.

Badboy, Club Penguin Veteran and leader of SWAT, posted the now widespread “Blitzkrieg” – the declaration of war that claimed they would end the Ice Warriors, one of the oldest armies, for good.

SWAT & The New Dawn Alliance officially declare war on the Ice Warriors.

First I’ll start with this. Since ya’ll wanted to be petty with the server trading crap, I thought I’d hop on the wave yk and be petty too so if IW want they can go invade Hibernate from their brother allies tomorrow and get them to hate them too like everyone else lmfaoo. Outback’s officially returned to the SWAT empire & currently our acting capital until we take back Mammoth and more servers throughout the week.

Looking for more info, I approached Badboy, my long time compatriot, and a man I have been at war with many a time, for an interview, to clear the air on the NDA, why they declared war, and what their endgame is.

Note: the following interview is edited for grammar, not content.

Pjayo: Indigo

Badboy: Grey


For those on the CPR side of things, can you give a detailed reason for declaring war? Whats the background behind Mammoth and the “server trade”?
Well, initially, the alliance was made up of SWAT, DCP, Elites, Royals, RF, LT & other armies who all agreed & posted invasions to blitz IW. However, in a last-minute attempt to save himself Andrew took advantage when I was at work because I work instead of sitting in my stinky basement on a computer making flame posts towards Wwe in 2020 lol (sad DCP let this happen and didn’t do shit about it shame on you, Wwe’s disappointed) and convinced 32op to cancel their invasions which then brought upon doubt between the rest of the alliance & everyone dropped out. I then reposted just one invasion where SWAT will lead the alliance to storm Mammoth & take our capital back once and for all. It won’t be easy but I’m confident we will be able to do it. As for the server trade, I thought I’d hop on the wave and be a petty fuck too like everyone else and trade away a server IW wanted to invade from us so they couldn’t. Same shit five armies did to SWAT when I posted invasions of free land this week. I just played by their rules, they shouldn’t be mad about it now right? However, Freezie and I found common ground and I got the rule changed to where it is fair & armies can’t run and give away their servers if its being invaded. They must defend first. This makes sense, and I had Freezie66 do this in a matter of seconds, something that should have been done weeks ago I accomplished in five minutes, and that just goes to show how lame CPOAL is being run. Shoutout to Freezie tho he a g wish he didn’t have an unreliable bias scumbag as his co-admin, but he can do him, I’ll just kill IW in the process.
So safe to say you’re strongly against the current administration of CPOAL, outside of Freezie?
Not anyone in specific except Andrew. I was in a group chat with him Freezie & 32op just an hour ago to get the server rule finalized and all drew could do was take childish shots at me on a personal level because he knows my life is way better than his and the only thing he has over me is that he can administer a club penguin army server and get more people to turn blue Press E9 on their keyboard. What a great life accomplishment go get a job & breathe in some fresh air you mutt LMFAO!
Alright so it sounds like he made this personal, if you’re OK with it, how did he do so? What did he say?
No no, its fine, I’m comfortable speaking on this I want my story to be an inspiration to others. Well to keep this PG & short 2019 was the worst year of my life. I had to drop out of high school due to my severe drug addiction & graduate from rehab. I lost all the money I saved up from working that year (dropped $5000 in one month literally months of pay saved up), I got kicked out of my house, arrested, the whole 9. I was told when I got to my first impatient that if I kept going another few weeks at the rate I was my liver was ab to fail and it was gg so I took it upon myself, went to my parents and got myself help, something I urge ANYONE with a drug problem to do. Andrew makes it a joke but its very serious and lots of lives & families are destroyed every year due to this, so please even if you hate me for whatever nonsense Club penguin reason you do, take this seriously because it is something I feel very strongly about and is a very serious matter (if Andrew’s troll ass can ever be serious let me know lol) I lost everything man, my whole life. Was away in a foreign state to me for three months with strangers I didn’t know who all went through similar shit I did. It was very uncomfortable & hard to do at my age being the youngest person there at both facilities I was at. I was 18 at the time but the closest age to me was 21. I was given huge respect by people around my town, friends, family for going out and doing this if I were weak like Andrew or these kids bashing me who never saw any food and ants crawling on them in their sleep in their life, then I would have accepted that as being my life and died a pathetic death. I am not that guy. So what I did was I went to this shit for three months followed all their insane rules (didn’t have a phone or could talk on the phone for whole thirty days) and I ended up leaving day 72/90 of my program because I simply had enough I went to enough AA meetings almost 100 and I simply did not want to stay sober for the rest of my life or follow the 12 steps I’m just being real I still want to get lit and I have been. The only difference is most people according to statistics who need rehab in the first place CAN NOT ever literally have a beer or smoke a joint ever again in their life. Fortunately for me I defied the odds and I’m not going to lie I’ve done everything at least once I did before only except now I know when enough is enough and when to stop because I know where I’ll end up if I go down that road again. I came back on a bus to Manhattan for four hours from Scranton carrying four suitcases of all my life belongings and important papers and shit. I took the train back to Long Island by myself with almost no money and I got back up on my feet in no time got a job almost right away paid his dad rent for a while, beat my court case paid my fine and avoided jail-time/community service and eventually fixed everything in the same amount of time it took to fuck everything up. While your parents still baby you, pay for your phone bill car insurance let you live for free after high school, I pay for all that shit. I still work 40 hours a week and can come on for an hour and have SWAT max 50 at an event in my sleep. These other candyass army leaders can’t compare. And while Drew is over there egging on his lame troops to make fun of me for going to get help and getting my life together, I’ll keep counting my bread while he’s still wasting away on his comp in his stinky basement. I went to rehab to get better & even though I still smoke every day and have done shit again that I used before, I know for a fact Drew or anybody in IW would’ve chosen to die before going through the shit I have. You kids could never. I went to rehab to find myself because for years in real life and on this game, I was a fake lying piece of shit and I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing on this Earth, but I gained some perspective, got my head out of my ass and stopped waiting around for everyone to feel bad for me because no one did. I had to make the change to receive forgiveness and to be taken seriously. It was hard, but I did it. But hey if you wanna hate on me because I made it out the trenches than look you’re just jealous, and if I were you all and saw someone like me who pulled that off knowing I couldn’t in a million years, well I’d be jealous too so I understand. Drew, you and I are not the same. You live on Club Penguin. I live in real life. Come back to reality fam, its fresher air over here.
Do you see IW attempting to form their own alliance? Especially with their close relations with Dark Warriors and Golds? And if so, do you think that would be enough to topple your own alliance?
So far, DW has been playing mind games saying a ton of different things like DCP switching up their allies and invasions it’s just a mess right now, all I know is I’m taking Mammoth Saturday, DW so far isn’t invading any of us and Golds are trying to take thermal from RF so we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. Compared to our alliance, IW’s cant compare. Combined their alliance (Golds, DW) would max 150 probably, mine 300 probably more (Elites, Royals, SWAT, RF, LT, Athletes) you do the math, it isn’t close.
So you’re fairly confident that NDA will crush the Warrior alliance then?
I’m positive. For now we just going for Mammoth which will be a huge win for us, but expect more invasions to be posted soon. Last time I took things too fast tried to force it. Going to take a little more time this week, let them guess my next move. Lets see if drew is as smart as he thinks, probably is because you know went through way more shit than any of us in life. Shaking in my boots.
With the absolute confidence in your alliance, I have to ask, what do you think the peace terms will look like, assuming everything goes to plan?
There will be no negotiations as of right now. The only way I see this ending is for IW to get a forced treaty. Depending on my mood I’ll let them keep Sub Zero so they’re still an official army but that’s it lol rip IW rip the soft alliance I just wanted Mammoth, but now I guess I’ll take more GG.
As you can see, tensions seem to run deep with Badboy, not only declaring war due to a failed server transfer, but also due to what appears to be Andrew’s personal attacks against Badboy. Even more information on their reasoning for war can be found on the now infamous Blitzkrieg post.

I didn’t want to do it to them but IW’s been the most annoying, petty, & unprofessional army from the start except for Whats Up 11 & Iceyfeet and a few IW soldiers since I hopped on this discord. And the fact that they hired Zuke after we exposed the horrid things he did as a leader just goes to show that they won’t be changing for the better any time soon so we will take them down at the knees and make them beg for mercy. The only difference between you and I Andrew, is that I will show you none & that I will win. This war will not end until we force a treaty on you.

Let me be clear, I did not start a world war over colored servers on the map, I ain’t a childish fruitcake. We are fighting for the future of CPA as we know it, believe it or not. As a veteran of this game who’s seen this same story play out before, I feel it is my job to do this. History does repeat itself almost every time, lets put a stop to that, shall we? People like Andrew24 should never have been in charge of the map, top ten, or any media-related site regarding armies to begin with when he LITERALLY LEADS AN ARMY. If this isn’t bias in the first degree folks, I don’t know what is. I see CPAC under Zakster & Mach resurgent. OK, maybe it’s not THAT BAD, not yet, but still, it should not have ever been allowed in the first place and I have no idea what you all were thinking when you agreed to this. Technically Freezie & 32op shouldn’t be on the board either if we’re being 100% fair here but unlike Andrew, Freezie & 32 haven’t tried to use CPOAL as a platform to keep their armies at the top like drew has been with IW, so I see no issue with it. But at this rate, if we leave Drew in charge with Freezie now gone with no one to keep him in check with CPOAL, we can keep just following whatever rules and guidelines IW leaders want for us and that’s how you’ll be run as a community. If you want that, go right ahead, but SWAT and the armies of the NDA will not stand for it. Our goal is to not only take Mammoth and destroy IW & their allies, but to get this guy to retire and maybe just MAYBE he’ll take a back seat and run his site fairly & with no bias, or maybe just attempt to get a life at his age you know like most people do when they grow up. I doubt it. This is war. We will prevail. The ice has already begun to melt, what a beautiful sight.

I gave you an out, IW, and instead you’ve chosen death, and death will come to you sooner than later, I can promise you that.


As seen here, Badboy alleges that while Mammoth was the straw that broke the camels back, he is in fact fighting to secure the future of Club Penguin Armies itself. Claiming that Andrew not only leads “the most annoying, petty, & unprofessional army,” but that he also uses his position on the Club Penguin Online Army League Board to give Ice Warriors an unfair advantage. Drew, of course, did not take this sitting down.

While SWAT had formed its own alliance, it seems that another alliance has brewed to take down SWAT in retaliation. This alliance, consisting of the Ice Warriors, Golds, Animal Kingdom, Sun Troops, and Golden Troops, is also no joke. With the Ice Warriors and Golds, two of the largest armies on CPO, SWAT may be in for quite a rough ride. However, some of our more eagle eyed viewers may notice there are two powers missing from this -what appears to be- World War: the Dark Warriors and the Club Penguin Pirate Army. These fine armies are missing, as Badboy alleges he had made DW and CPPA agree to not assist the Golds during any events. This can be seen publicly in the treaties chat on the CPOAL Discord.
With SWAT successfully neutralizing the Dark Warriors and Pirates, it seems the alliances have been set in stone. While I did approach Andrew24 for an interview, he declined.
With what appears to be the largest war in Club Penguin Online history about to occur, who do YOU think will win? We here at CPAM are interested to know! Leave a comment below, and don’t be afraid to voice YOUR opinion!

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  1. That… was… the weirdest war declaration and interview I have ever seen. Seriously, respone to “Alright so it sounds like he made this personal, if you’re OK with it, how did he do so? What did he say?” question looks like copypasta and fake. Badboy, you’re mastered in writting strange stuff like this.

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