[EDITORIAL] The Afterlife

KLONDIKE, DrFlen’s Office – When the Original Club Penguin closed down its doors back in March 2017, this community knew that CP Armies’ death is inevitable. However, somehow even after three years, we are here.

There are secrets that the future holds and we don’t become aware of them until the time itself has come. When I made this post on CPA Central, I was expecting that the life I enjoyed so much as a member of the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation would come to an end and its time for me to move on.

As an original Club Penguin Army Player, it seems like I will be witnessing the death of my favourite community, twice. We all are aware of the latest rampage Disney is on. But truly, who’s fault is it? Everyone is taking credits of apparently ‘killing’ CP Online. However, didn’t we see this coming two years ago itself when the very first CP Private Server was made?

Nearly one month back, CP Online’s Administrator Riley, also an old friend of mine who was previously known as Waterkid101 was stripped of his powers. Every memory is running down my veins as I recall that last message of Club Penguin, “Together we can save the world, build a community and tip an Iceberg”

Nostalgia has begun to hit me like no one else. This is what the future holds. This is our fate. It is no secret that Waterkid101 has not only become the end of Club Penguin Armies, but also the game itself. Truly, he isn’t the one to be blamed. Everything has a time span, and when you cross it, things start going south. Now, I agree that Disney didn’t step in on time, but it is for the sake of God, that they finally came to rescue us.

If you ask us? The Originals? We are more than glad that this community will finally find peace. This community wasn’t always the way we see it now. It used to be a paradise when I joined in 2013. This community taught me values and lessons of life no one else could. This post, this game, this website, these people, everyone is personal to me.

I’m CPWorld2001 and I am here to share my story

It has been more than eight years since I was recruited by Silverburg and Elmikey, but somehow those flashbacks never go away. I will never forget that July morning when my classmate took me to the Computer Lab of our school and we started playing Club Penguin. I grew so fond of the game, I would spent hours on it.

One day, I saw these two black penguins chanting about some Club Penguin Army. It was the Rebel Penguin Federation, my home army. You see, CP Armies have helped me through the toughest time of my life. Everyone around the community has asked me why I care so much. This is the reason. This is personal to me.

Due to some unfortunate events, I was away from my parents for almost a year. It is something that still stays in my heart and I haven’t shared it with a lot of people. Close ones, however, know it.

During this time Club Penguin was an escape for me. So was Club Penguin Armies. Yes, I agree, I had no life (xD), but that isn’t the issue. This game became so personal to me that I would be awake for 48 hours and attend events. Throughout my career in Club Penguin Armies, I’ve seen the worst and the best of it. Starting from Elmikey’s removal from RPF, which changed my home army itself, to everyone uniting on that last day of Club Penguin.

It wasn’t only me who lost my childhood. It was the world. It was those 300 Million users who lost their Childhood. God knows to whom how personal this game would’ve been.

Now, CP Private Servers did serve the purpose. When I came back in 2019, I felt like my Childhood was back, but in the hands of someone else. I never supported CPPS myself, but there has always been a part of my that wanted this community and this game to exist forever. Truly, if given a chance, I would like to bring the Original Club Penguin back.

Yes, this is an abrupt end to our saga. To my saga. But this community will live in my memories. Always and Forever. We the people of CP Armies are about to enter the Afterlife. A life without Club Penguin. It is not as bad, but I want you all to know one thing. There are many causes out there people are fighting for. It’s time to get out of this children’s game and actually start working.

Ten years from now, I don’t even know if I would even like to take a look back. This is our afterlife. It took people’s everything to take down CP Online. Not only their time but also their mental health. But at the end of the day, he was defeated. Once and for all. So it’s time that we step into the real world and face real problems.


A look back at some of my old stuff:

Some pictures:



Flen-Sammie Exposed | Nacho Army of Club Penguin

CPWorld2001(DrFlen) | RPF Veteran, IW Veteran, Dark Warriors ...

Another name from my 100K names

Exposure of flen – Lord Trader

Remember in 2014 | Club Penguin Online | Dark Warriors

Again, it was not a multilogging. I was changing accounts. LOL

Teutons Declare War on Army Republic » Club Penguin Armies

Let’s bid a farewell, shall we?



I’m waiting for the Afterlife ^


CPWorld2001 // Flen

Club Penguin Armies Veteran

CP Army Media Board of Advisor

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  1. Beautiful post, Flen! 🙂 Long live the dream; in our hearts, Club Penguin will always remain supreme.

  2. I had a good read from that. Let’s see now where the future brings us.

  3. we aint dead yet and we’ll be goin down fightin that’s for sure

  4. Well written Flen. Really captures the true essence of Club Penguin.

  5. Good post Flen. Hope you’ll be doing fine during your life. Greetings!

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