Challengers Cup: Round One Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The first annual Challengers Cup begins later today, and we’ve rounded up the CP Army Media staff predictions. What are you waiting for? Read on to see who our staff thinks will win!

The Challengers Cup will see 14 of the fiercest small and medium armies pit against each other in an epic tournament that can only witness one winner. With the first round scheduled for later today (click here for the times), only 6 armies will make it to the second round, joining the Pizza Federation and People’s Imperial Confederation. Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Media editors placing bets on?

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Crimson Guardians vs. Sky Troops

The Crimson Guardians placed 5th on this weeks Small-Medium Top Ten listings, an improvement on the previous week. They peaked at 14 this past week, as shown below, at an invasion of the server Frosty. The Sky Troops failed to appear on the Top Ten, as they haven’t held an event since their opening on May 9th. Despite pulling a strong max of 7 penguins, this was over a week ago. Will a week of inactivity put them at a disadvantage? 


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Crimson Guardians

Pookie, Executive Producer: Crimson Guardians

Dino, Vice President: Crimson Guardians

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Crimson Guardians

Metal Warriors vs. Silver Empire

While the Metal Warriors failed to place in the most recent Top Ten, the Silver Empire achieved 10th on the small-medium listings. The Metal Warriors return has been marked as ‘solely for a reunion’, whereas the Silver Empire have been consistently hitting peaks of 9 this week. However, the Metal Warriors have previously been very successful in small-medium tournaments. Could they pull a surprise victory? 


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Metal Warriors

Pookie, Executive Producer: Silver Empire

Dino, Vice President: Silver Empire

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Metal Warriors

Emperors vs. Aliens

The Aliens and Emperors ranked 19th and 20th in the small-medium listings this week, meaning this battle could be anyone’s game. The Emperors have held several events on Penguin Saloon this week, with sizes of 4. The Aliens, however, hit 8 penguins in their one event of the week. Although it seems the Aliens may win, all is not set in stone just yet.


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Aliens

Pookie, Executive Producer: Aliens

Dino, Vice President: Aliens

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Aliens

Os Mascarados vs. Night Warriors

The Night Warriors failed to make an appearance in the Top Ten this week, whereas the Os Mascarados had a great week that helped them to achieve the number three spot. With consistent sizes of over 10 troops, it looks like an easy win for the Os Mascarados. But could the Night Warriors prove their worth as the underdogs? 


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Os Mascarados 

Pookie, Executive Producer: Os Mascarados 

Dino, Vice President: Os Mascarados

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Os Mascarados

Coup Crusaders vs. Angels

The Coup Crusaders are eager to perform well in the Challengers Cup, as they held a training session this week that saw them peak at 15 penguins. Their 8th position Top Ten score was also considerably higher than their opponents, the Angels, who ranked at 15. Could this be an easy win, or will the Angels come out fighting? 


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Coup Crusaders

Pookie, Executive Producer: Coup Crusaders

Dino, Vice President: Angels

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Coup Crusaders

Kings vs. Lime Green Army

Once a large army contender, the Lime Green Army have dropped off in recent times and failed to appear in this weeks Top Ten. A similar story exists for the Kings, who were also absent from this week’s listings. Will anyone show up to the battle? Or will one army make a strong comeback to steal the victory? 


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Lime Green Army

Pookie, Executive Producer: Kings

Dino, Vice President: Lime Green Army

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Kings

All of these highly-anticipated first-round battles are set to take place later today. Despite the editors’ predictions, a clear victor is not set in stone, and the Challengers Cup could be taken home by any of the armies battling.

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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