Challengers Cup: Round One Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The first round of the Challengers Cup has concluded, with 6 armies advancing into the second round. But which armies won their battle? And who failed at the first hurdle?

The highly anticipated first round of the Challengers Cup saw twelve armies go head-to-head in six intense 30-minute battles. Each conflict was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations and speed. Let’s find out the results of the battles, and discover who will be joining the Pizza Federation and People’s Imperial Confederation in round two.

Crimson Guardians vs. Sky Troops

The first battle of the day, between the Crimson Guardians and Sky Troops, took place in the Boiler Room, Inside Mine and Ski Village. With the Crimson Guardians reaching a size of 9 and the Sky Troops 3, a 3-0 victory was announced for the Guardians.

Winner: Crimson Guardians

Metal Warriors vs. Silver Empire

The second battle saw the Metal Warriors no-show, and the Silver Empire therefore take victory. While maxing a size of 8, they were greeted by Night Warriors leader Olimad3, who pretended to show up as a Metal Warrior soldier.

Winner: Silver Empire

Emperors vs. Aliens

The next battle, between the Aliens and Emperors, had both armies in attendance. They battled at the Cove, Inside Mine and Beach, with the Emperors and Aliens reaching a size of 10 and 5 respectively. A 3-0 score was declared in favour of the Aliens.

Winner: Aliens

Os Mascarados vs. Night Warriors

The Night Warriors were not prepared to battle, and forfeited the match before it had even began. This was despite leader Olimad3 showing up at the Metal Warriors battle. Due to these events, an automatic victory went to the Os Mascarados.

Winner: Os Mascarados

Coup Crusaders vs. Angels

The Coup Crusaders took a landslide victory against the Angels, hitting 12 penguins in comparison to just one from their opponent. After battling in the Forest, Pool and Town, the Coup Crusaders took a 3-0 victory.

Winner: Coup Crusaders

Kings vs. Lime Green Army

Another no-show battle saw the Lime Green Army triumph over the Kings. The Lime Green’s hit a maximum of 10 troops while battling alone in the Migrator Ship Hold.

Winner: Lime Green Army

The Crimson Guardians, Silver Empire, Aliens, Os Mascarados, Coup Crusaders and Lime Green Army are all set to advance into round two, joining the Pizza Federation and People’s Imperial Confederation. But which of these will succeed in making it into the semi-finals? And who will take home the first Challengers Cup trophy?

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