Disney Achieves Mass Shutdown of Private Servers

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Disney is winning their war against the private server community, with a total of 9 CPPS’ now permanently shut down.

Disney’s recent statement on private servers made their goal very clear: they plan to terminate all “unauthorised uses of the Club Penguin game.” The first to fall was CP Online on May 15th, and within 24 hours a further 8 servers have joined them in the private server graveyard: CP Brasil, CPPS Me, Free Penguin, CP Remastered, Waddle On, Penguin Zone, Air Penguin and Alpha Penguin.

A message from the creators of ‘Waddle On’.

Alpha Penguin went offline after a final party.

But not all the private servers are shutting down as quickly, as some have stated they will try to resist the take down. Despite receiving a DMCA strike, OldCP have responded by “making their website unavailable” to the public. However, the game is still playable to those that know the private link. Could this measure work?

OldCP’s response to the DMCA strike.

Super Club Penguin has continued to resist Disney’s shutdown attempts by transferring their files to a new host, to further avoid closure. This comes after their previous host took them offline at Disney’s request. The following is the latest statement they have released on their situation:

Super Club Penguin’s latest statement.

Despite Disney’s brutal blows to some of the community’s key CPPS’, some servers have, at present time, avoided a DMCA strike and are continuing to operate as normal. These servers include Club Herbert and Penguin Saloon, both of which being less populated and therefore have managed to go unnoticed by Disney. But how long will they have until Disney comes knocking? The following is a statement from Club Herbert’s administrator:

Club Herbert comments on Disney’s war against private servers.

With a total of 9 servers now shut down, all eyes are looking towards CP Rewritten, who also received a DMCA strike from Disney but have not, as of yet, closed down. With rumours circulating that their administrators are prepared to fight Disney in court, what will be the next twist in this ever-evolving story? CP Army Media will continue to provide you with the latest.

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  1. disney be like: another one bites the dust

  2. Disney turned into evil ppl,they shut down og cp and they don’t let us play cpps.

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