Former CPO Armies, Including Doritos and Ice Warriors, Transfer to CP Army Media

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – A significant amount of former Club Penguin Online armies have made the switch to CP Army Media after their platform shut down. This includes major players, the Ice Warriors and Doritos.

The closure of Club Penguin Online  this week (click here to read about that) has caused many of the armies operating on the platform join the CP Army Media umbrella. This includes: the Elites, Royal Family, Animal Kingdom, Golden Troops, Sun Troops, and Vikings, as well as top-dogs the Ice Warriors and Doritos.

The Ice Warriors were created way back in June 2007, and are well known in the army community for their achievements in both tournaments and battles alike. They have been consistently reaching maximum sizes of over 100 in CP Online events, and after the recent merger with the Golds Army, we can expect them to be big competition in the now-united community. The Doritos have a similar story: they are a ‘legendary’ army born in February 2010, known for their excellent recruiting efforts and dominating sizes.

The last event the Doritos held on CP Online

The last event held by the Ice Warriors on CP Online

CP Army Media spoke exclusively with Doritos Leader, Meerrkat, who spoke on CP Online’s shutdown and the transfer of his army.

How did you and the Doritos staff feel when you and the heard the news of CPO shutting down?

Meerrkat: Shocked, many of our staff have played CPO for a while so it was upsetting to hear that CPO has shut down.

How are you planning to recruit new members into the Doritos?

Meerrkat: We have started recruiting on Penguin Saloon recently.

Is recruiting on Penguin Saloon tougher than recruiting on CPO?

Meerrkat: A little bit. Only because Penguin Saloon doesn’t have a player base as big as CPO did.

Can we expect any wars or battles with the top CPAM armies: RPF and ACP?

Meerrkat: No war at the moment. Since most of our troops came from CPO, they still need to adjust to the change of CPPS’. We do have a practice battle against RPF today and hopefully we’ll get to battle ACP one day.

Have you made any plans to ally with new armies?

Meerrkat: Only ACP. We were planning to ally with Chaos as well but they recently announced that they will be shutting down on May 31st.

Are you looking forward to the Legends Cup X Tournament?

Meerrkat: Yes. We will be recruiting 24/7 to prepare ourselves for the tournament.

It is clear that the Doritos are planning to take home the Legends Cup trophy, but with the Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin wanting to do the same: who will emerge the victor?

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