Golds Merge Into Ice Warriors; Interview with Andrew24

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Amidst the recent turmoil occurring in the army community, a surprising merge of the Golds Army into the Ice Warriors has taken place. 

The Golds were created back in May of 2007 by Johanwillfir, on the original Club Penguin, and have seen many generations over the years. The Ice Warriors, on the other hand, were an extremely prominent army in the original Club Penguin days and are now credited as one of the biggest armies in the private-server community.

Prior to the termination of CP Online, the Ice Warriors were one of the major forces in their league, consistently reaching 100 penguins at their events. Likewise, the Golds were also very successful, able to peak at maximum sizes of 60. This surprising merge could therefore position the Ice Warriors as top contenders in the community. 

May 2020: The Ice Warriors most recent event.

Golds veteran Flamez made the following statement on the Golds website, regarding the merge of the army:

“Regardless of my personal views on CPO, I have absolutely no regrets allowing Bay to revive Golds. She perhaps even exceeded our expectations, and built a real community that I can tell is very close-knit.”

“But more importantly, a community was built. A good one. And I hope whether or not you join IW in the merge regardless of what game we end up on you can cherish the army and memories like I did.”

The final Golds event.

CP Army Media managed to grab an interview with the Ice Warriors current leader, Andrew24, to discuss the recent merge.

What prompted the merge?

We are close friends with Bay, one of the Golds’ leaders, who asked us to merge.

How many events have you held with the Golds since the merge?

Only 1 so far

This has bumped up Ice Warrior numbers from all the new additions, do you feel that it has, and will continue to have, a positive impact for the army?

Yes, they are all nice people and most of us were already friends prior to the merge. We have always been close allies.

Has the effected any other alliances with other armies or has there been no real difference made?

No, it hasn’t made any real difference.

The Ice Warriors are in a stronger position now with the Golds Army having merged into them, potentially adding as many as 60 new troops. With the Legends Cup X tournament coming around soon, could they be a top contender to take home the trophy?

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  1. I think the Ice Warriors are a very strong army and I personally can’t wait to see how they do during the tournament.

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