Universal S/M Top Ten Armies [10/05 – 16/05]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the Universal Top Twenty being released today, it’s time to showcase the smaller but powerful side of our community. As we see several armies from last week move onto the Top Twenty, we see a new army taking the top spot.

1. Pizza Federation [38.8]

2. Barbz Army [37.5]

3. Os Mascarados [36.0]

4. Sun Troops [33.0]

5. Crimson Guardians [32.5]

6T. Vikings [31.5]

6T. One Direction Army [31.5]

8. Coup Crusaders [31.1]

9. Aliens (CPO) [29.5]

10. Silver Empire [28.0]

Close to the Top Ten:

11T. Athletes [27.5]

11T. Squires [27.5]

13T. Citrus Army [26.5]

13T. Golden Troops [26.5]

15. Angels [25.5]

16. Pookies Army [25.0]

17. Kiwis [24.5]

18. Tree Cult [24.0]

19. Aliens (CPR/PS) [23.5]

20. Emperors [22.2]

Click here for the S/M top ten calculations.


1. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation of Club Penguin started the week with an invasion of Fog on CPATG on Monday, maxing 6. On Wednesday, PZF hosted a Recruiting Event in which they maxed 15. They held a Training Session on CPR on Thursday, maxing 7. On Friday, they held a Practice Battle against the Coup Crusaders, maxing 10. Later on in the day, they invaded Deep Freeze with an impressive max of 14. To wrap their week up, they held another Training Session on CPR’s Abominable, maxing 10.

2. Barbz Army: The Barbz army had 4 stunning this week. They started off with a battle against the Purple Gang in which they maxed 10 users. Moving forward, they invaded Parka of CP Armies: The Game in which they were able to pull 12 users. They ended their week with back to back invasions of Southern Lights and Outback, maxing 11 and 8 in each one of them.

3. Os Mascarados: Os Mascarados started off their week with a costume event, maxing 8. The next day, they held a training event, while maxing 9. To continue their week, they held a band event, maxing 13, a training, maxing 10, and an event on CPATG, maxing 9. To finish off their week, they successfully invaded Summit (CPATG), maxing 8.

4. Sun Troops: The Sun Troops had a reopening event after switching their name from Sun Warriors and had 19 troops attend. They then had a tactic event with 16 troops attending and to finish off the week, they had an unscheduled event with a max of 7.

5. Crimson Guardians: Crimson Guardians had a stunning week with several events on board. They started off with an AUSIA Tactics practice in which they maxed 5. They invaded Frosty on the same day in which they were able to pull 14 guardians online. Progressing with their week, they had another tactic practice in which they maxed 9. The next day, their Ruby and Ruby Event got 8 guardians to participate in. To end their week, they had a Eurovision Event in which they maxed 9.

6T. Vikings: The Vikings of CP had 4 events this week. They started their week with a Simon Says event in which they maxed 13. Progressing with their week, they held a Battle Practice in which they maxed 11, and a Recruitment event maxing 9 Vikings. To wrap their week up, they held a Hide and Seek competition in which they had 13 participants.

6T. One Direction Army: The One Direction Army had one event this week, a training event with a max of 17.

8. Coup Crusaders: The Coup Crusaders charged into the week with an Unscheduled training event, maxing 6 crusaders on Thursday. Their second and last event for the week was an exciting practice battle against the Pizza Federation, maxing 15 as they gear up for the Challenger’s Cup.

9. Aliens (CPO): Aliens of CPO had 1 Event this week. They invaded Ascent in which they were able to max 17 Penguins.

10. Silver Empire: Silver Empire had an impressive week. They started off their week with an invasion of Polar where they maxed 9. Silver Empire then had a fun Sled race tournament where they maxed 9. To finish the week off they had their event “first meetup” where they maxed 9 again.


The Pizza Federation takes the top spot this week. With Club Penguin Online shutting down, do you think they can make it to the Top Twenty next week? Comment YOUR opinion on the S/M Top Ten Armies. Let us know what YOU think.

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