Universal Top Twenty Armies [10/05 – 16/05]


KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — Amidst the turmoil the whole community faces right now, we bring to you the Universal Top Twenty Armies. Since the shutdown of Club Penguin Online, armies are no longer represented by their CPPS’. The Top Twenty sees a drastic change in the placement of armies as we see several new faces in here.

♦ 1. Pirates [136.5]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [121.5]

3. Ice Warriors [114.0]

4. Dark Warriors [107.5]

5. Doritos of Club Penguin [103.0]

6. Golds Empire [99.5]

7. Light Troops [84.0]

8. Army of Club Penguin [82.0]

9. Redemption Force [81.0]

10. Elites [66.5]

11. Golden Guardians [63.1]

12. Skaters [62.0]

13. Animal Kingdom [61.5]

14. Special Weapons and Tactics [54.0]

15. Royal Family [50.0]

16. Dark Bandits [47.9]

17. Help Force [46.1]

18. Peoples Imperial Confederation [45.4]

19. Chaos [42.6]

20. Templars [40.3]

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1. Pirates: A quiet week for the Pirates started on Monday and saw them embark on an ‘Operation: Pookies’ at which they hit 120 penguins. They peaked at 110, in their second and only other event, in a friendly practice battle against the Golds.

2. Rebel Penguin Federation:  RPF had an eventful week that began with their invasion of Chinook during the AUSIA times maxing 51. Later on, they held an Opr. Elvis during the EU/US time and maxed 90. On Tuesday, they held an unscheduled event on Great White to defend it from the Recon Federation maxing 87. Progressing with their week, RPF held an AUSIA event called Opr. Picture Perfect maxing 92. RPF held an invasion of Antarctic in which they were able to get 88 rebels online, and an HCompetition that maxed 97. Furthermore, they held an Opr. Symphony which got 83 users online, an AUSIA Puffle Invasion maxing 65, and an Opr. Mancala Maniacs as their US event, maxing a total of 73. To end their week, they had an AUSIA igloo raid maxing 64, and a Branch Battle which had 91 Rebels online.

3. Ice Warriors: Ice Warriors held five freezing events this week. Starting off the week with a raid against SWAT maxing 66, IW then invaded the server Hibernate with a max of 86 and followed that up the next day maxing 81 in their Invasion of Permafrost. For their last event, we saw Ice Warriors have two events at the same time battling SWAT and Royals in defense of their servers, maxing a solid 98 Warriors.

4. Dark Warriors:  Dark Warriors had two strong events this week. On Monday, DW held an Invasion of Chinook, in which they maxed 96. For their other event of the week, they had a Staff U-Lead event that got 76 Warriors online.

5. Doritos of Club Penguin: 

Doritos had a strong week of 2 invasions, starting with a Wednesday Invasion of Breeze, maxing 81. Finally, they invaded Whitehouse, hitting a max of 81.

6. Golds Empire: The Golds Empire kicked off the golden week with their 13 year anniversary event on Sunday, reaching sizes of 85. The day after, they successfully invaded Snow Fort, maxing 55. On Tuesday, they invaded Thermal, reaching sizes of 85. Wednesday rolled around, and with that came their practice battle with the Pirates, maxing 60. They ended their week with a successful defense of Frozen for the Ice Warriors, maxing 50.

7. Light Troops: The Light Troops had a week filled with training. They kicked off their week with a training event on Monday, maxing 75. Their other event of the week was a second battle training event on Thursday, in which they maxed 70.

8. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin had a busy week, starting off with an AUSIA Drilling Expedition with a max of 34 and then a UK/US Branch Battle with a max of 37. The following day consisted of two UK/US fun events, one with a max of 25 and the other with 37. On Tuesday, they won a Practice Battle against their ally Chaos with a max of 42. Thursday was their best day with a UK/US Hoodie Takeover in which they maxed 67. ACP had a UK Soccer event with a max of 47 and then a US Ninja Takeover maxing 44 on Friday. To end their week, they hosted another AUSIA event that had a max of 54 and held a March on Mammoth in which they maxed 35.

9. Redemption Force: Redemption Force had one event this week, in which they defended Hypothermia, with a max of 65.

10. Elites: The Elites of CP stormed into this week’s Top Twenty with a Tuesday event in which they invaded Avalanche successfully, maxing 45 troops. The next day, they invaded Vanilla successfully for a max of 43. On Thursday, they invaded Frozen successfully, maxing 32. They wrapped their week up with an EU stamp event, maxing 25.

11. Golden Guardians: The Golden Guardians began their week with an Invasion of Snow Avalanche in which they maxed 28. Showing their strength in AUSIA, they secured Sub-Zero the next day with a solid 24 people online. The same day, they invaded Mammoth and claimed it, maxing 24. Progressing with their week, they invaded Fjord and secured it with 21 guardians online. To end their week, they had a successful battle against the Dark Bandits in which they maxed 31.

12. Skaters: The Skaters of CP had two events this week. They skated into their week with an event on Sunday, maxing 45. They also held a tactic training event on Wednesday, maxing 40.

13. Animal Kingdom: The Animal Kingdom made their way into the Top Twenty with 3 intense invasions this week. They started the week off with an invasion of Ice Palace with a max of 20. They then invaded Hypothermia with their best max ever of 56. To end of their successful week, they defended Tundra with 37 troops.

14. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT had quite a busy but interesting week. On Tuesday, they had a successful invasion of Glacier maxing 20 troops. On Wednesday, the army had an unsuccessful invasion of Fjord resulting in 40. They ended their week with an unscheduled training event and managed to max 30.

15. Royal Family: The Royals had 2 events this week starting with an EU War Training event on Tuesday maxing 28 and an EU Invasion on Thursday with a max of 30.

16. Dark Bandits: The Dark Bandits started their week with an EU opening event on Tuesday, maxing 25. The following day, they held a US Stamp Event, maxing 32 troops. On Thursday, they logged on CPR for an EU Jackhammer event, tipping the scales with a max of 17. To finish the week off, they held a practice battle against the Golden Guardians, reaching a max of 15.

17. Help Force: Falling down by six places this week, Help Force launched their week with an EU Branch Battle on Sunday, maxing 29 helpers. On Tuesday, they had an EU Disney themed event where they played Hide and Seek, hitting a max of 24. Wednesday also had a Disney event, a US fashion show, maxing 15. Thursday’s event was a US Sled Racing Tournament, reaching a max of 15. The finale of their week was an EU Disney event held on CPATG with a max of 20.

18. Peoples Imperial Confederation: The People’s Imperial Confederation of Club Penguin started the week with a victorious invasion of CPATG’s Deep Freeze maxing 11, and then of Toboggan, with a max of 8. On Monday, they defended their capital Beanie against the Recon Federation of Club Penguin but lost. The following day, PIC had a Violinist Parade, maxing 14. That same day, they had a Hide and Seek event with a max of 12. On Wednesday, they continued their invasions by successfully invading CPATG’s Alpine and CPATG’s Snow Shoe, both with a max of 8. They had another invasion on Thursday with a max of 7 and claimed Wool Socks. On Friday, PIC had their Conductors event, with a max of 9, and then a Cowbell event maxing 11. On Saturday, they finished up with a simple recruiting event, maxing 8 troops.

19. Chaos: The Chaos Army had 3 events this week. Starting off strong with a training event on Zipline, they maxed 22. Progressing with their week, they battled against the Army of Club Penguin in which they maxed 20. Celebrating the birthday of Flame, Stephen, Oreo, and Jake, they held a birthday party that had 20 guests online, a party with chaos.

20. Templars:  Templars had four events this week. On Monday, they took back their providence Rainbow, maxing 23. On Wednesday they held a small EU training, maxing 13. Progressing with their week, they invaded Down Under maxing 23. To end their week, Templars successfully invaded Matterhorn and maxed 16 during the invasion.


The Pirates retain the top spot this week. With several CPPS’ shutting down, the future of CP Armies remains unclear. Armies are finally under one roof of consistent news, here at CP Army Media. Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s Top 20 Armies. Will armies shut down completely in the near future? Let us know what YOU think.

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