[BREAKING] The Dorito Dilemma: Defaced Again?

This is currently a developing story. We will keep updating you as more news comes in.

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital — A shocking tremor went through the community when the word “deface” was in chats again. What happened with the Doritos Army this time? CP Army Media brings to you a developing story of the defacement of Doritos.

The closure of Club Penguin Online brought the Doritos of Club Penguin into CP Army Media (Click Here for the coverage). The army has been in the spotlight with several defaces, discord server changes, and internal issues in the recent past. Earlier today, it was brought to our attention that the discord server was “defaced”. We quickly started investigating the matter, and here’s what we found.

As you can see from the above screenshots, Leo (DCP Leader-in-training) appears to be deleting channels, as well as roles from the discord. On the right side, temporary discord accounts are seen to do the same. We were able to find out some more details about this incident.

Attempt to frame Mustapha10

Here you can see that Leo changed his username to “Mustapha10” in an attempt to frame him. We approached Rah (DCP Commander) and got to know that Ghandi/Louis and BeckyBear (DCP High Commands) saw the discord being defaced and quickly banned them. The Doritos of Club Penguin had over 1200 Members in their discord, which dropped to 760 after the deface.

What do YOU think about this? Was it Leo who defaced the discord? Is there a group of people behind this? 
Comment your opinion below and let US know.

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  1. damn, honestly it sucks to see this continually happen, as being a former dorito, but honestly with this continually happening, no wonder I left.

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