Challengers Cup: Round Two Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Challengers Cup is well underway, and the round two battles are set to take place tomorrow. As ever, we’ve rounded up the CP Army Media staff predictions for your enjoyment.

The second round of the Challengers Cup will see eight armies go head-to-head (click here for the timings), with only four of them able to advance into the semi-finals. Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Media editors placing bets on?

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Os Mascarados vs. Coup Crusaders

The first round saw the Night Warriors forfeit their fight against the Os Mascarados, which means this battle against the Coup Crusaders will be their first. The Coup Crusaders performed exceptionally well in round one, peaking at 12 in size – the highest size seen in the tournament so far. Will the Crusaders maintain their high numbers?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Coup Crusaders

Pookie, Executive Producer: Coup Crusaders

Dino, Vice President: Os Mascarados

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Coup Crusaders

Pizza Federation vs. Lime Green Army

The Lime Green Army also had a great turnout in round one, where as the Pizza Federation were seeded straight into round two. Does this put the Pizza Federation at a disadvantage? And can the Lime Green Army maintain their winning streak?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Pizza Federation

Pookie, Executive Producer: Pizza Federation

Dino, Vice President: Lime Green Army

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

Crimson Guardians vs. Silver Empire

With the Crimson Guardians and Silver Empire peaking at a size of 9 and 8 respectively, in the first round, this battle is set to be one of the closest. If both armies achieve similar sizes, the battle result will come down to their speed, tactics, and formations.


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Crimson Guardians

Pookie, Executive Producer: Crimson Guardians

Dino, Vice President: Crimson Guardians

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Silver Empire

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Aliens

Just like the Pizza Federation, the People’s Imperial Confederation were also seeded straight into the second round. Having been consistently achieving sizes of 10-15, they are ones to watch on this tournament. But could the Aliens, high off their first round victory, achieve a surprise turnout and snatch the victory?


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: People’s Imperial Confederation

Pookie, Executive Producer: People’s Imperial Confederation

Dino, Vice President: People’s Imperial Confederation

Max, Editor-in-Chief: People’s Imperial Confederation

All of these highly-anticipated second round battles are set to take place tomorrow, with the winners set to advance into the semi-finals. Despite the editors’ predictions, a clear victor is not set in stone, and the Challengers Cup could be taken home by any of the armies battling.

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Dino’s the only one who predicts differently :wary:

  2. ya gurls gonna make sure PZF wins :ZRose:

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