Clash Of Titans: RPF, DCP and IW Engage in Three-Way Practice Battle

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – With numerous former CP Online armies having joined the CP Army Media community, a huge battle between the Doritos, Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation was organised to welcome the new players.

The Doritos and Ice Warriors are just two of the countless number of former CP Online armies that have made the move to CP Armies: The Game in recent days (click here to read about that). To celebrate this move, and their ability to battle new armies that they previously couldn’t, a huge three-way practice battle was scheduled for Sunday, May 17th.

The battle took place on May 17th at a UK and US friendly time, on the CP Armies: The Game server Mammoth. After an intense 30-minute battle at the Docks, Ice Rink and Snow Forts, the Rebel Penguin Federation were announced the victors. This conclusion was reached by the 5 judges, who decided the Rebels won the Docks and Snow Forts, while the Ice Warriors took victory in the Ice Rink.

In their results post, the Rebels praised their opposition for fighting valiantly, while claiming a maximum size of 113 penguins. The Ice Warriors stated the rooms were very close, and leader Agent 11 seemed pleased with his army taking victory in one of the rooms while peaking at 72 warriors. Doritos leader Meerrkat declared a total size of 61, and also seemed satisfied with his army’s first performance. The video below shows the battle in its entirety, filmed in the Doritos perspective.

With over 250 users online, this three-way has proved to be one of the biggest and most exciting battles in recent times. And with the Legends Cup X coming soon, and all of these armies are eyeing up the trophy, will the Rebels triumph again?

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Looks like good, old times.

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