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KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Bunker ─ Recently, the Club Private Server (CPPS) and Club Penguin Army communities have been preparing for the end of childhood. The Walt Disney Company™ has filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notices against multiple CPPS’ including Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten.

We at CP Army Media will keep you updated with every new development on the crisis occurring throughout both communities.


[June 4th | 2020]

Update @ 7:57 PM EST: Club Penguin Rewritten administrator Thorn’s wiki page is edited to include controversies he has been involved in. Among the controversies detailed are the New Year’s 2019 incident and the July 2019 database breach. (Click Here)

[May 31st | 2020]

Update @ 1:21 PM EST: Joee, an administrator of Club Penguin Rewritten since its launch in February 2017, announces his resignation. He states that he will no longer have any affiliation with private servers and is thankful for the CPR community. (Click Here)

[May 30th | 2020]

Update @ 2:09 PM EST: hagrid, an administrator of Club Penguin Rewritten since its launch in February 2017, announces his resignation. He states that not only will he be leaving Club Penguin Rewritten, but will not affiliate with any private servers from this point forward. (Click Here)

[May 25th | 2020]

Update @ 3:22 AM EST: More information regarding the breach comes out. The truth lies in the dark with two contradictory statements.
(Click Here)

Update @ 2:02 AM EST: Penguin Saloon suffers a database breach. Over 3k accounts are exposed. (Click Here)

[May 24th | 2020]

Update @ 12:01 PM EST: SuperCP announces the launch time for their English server. (Click Here)

Update @ 11:12 AM EST: The owner of WaddleUp announces a statement regarding the fake DMCAs. (Click Here)

[May 23rd | 2020]

Update ~ 9:30 PM EST: SuperCPPS re-locates itself to a new domain.

[May 21st | 2020]

Update ~ 2:30 PM EST: Club Penguin Brazil ceases operations.

Update @ 11:02 AM EST: Penguin Saloon re-brands its discord to a CPPS Network.

Update @ 9:31 AM EST: CP3D announces closure.

Update @ 3:12 AM EST: New Club Penguin release their first update.

[May 20th | 2020]

Update @ 11:12 AM EST: Penguin Saloon announces closure. (Click Here)

Update @ 9:59 AM EST: New Club Penguin makes their discord server public.

Update @ 2:29 AM EST: Fake DMCA’s are being sent to Private Servers. (Click Here)

[May 19th | 2020]

Update @ 10:46 AM EST: BBC does a segment on Club Penguin Online this morning on live television. (Click Here)

Update @ 1:29 AM EST: Rocketsnail’s (Disney Club Penguin’s developer) comments on the current situation. (Click Here)

[May 18th | 2020]

Update @ 11:27 PM EST: CPPS.me renames to CPPS.to

Update @ 10:01 PM EST: IGN uploads a video about Club Penguin Online. (Click Here)

Update @ 9:28 PM EST: Club Penguin Rewritten “postpones” its Music Jam party. (Click Here)

Update @ 3:57 PM EST: To avoid being shut down, Club Penguin 3D rebrands itself to CP3D.

Update @ 3:02 PM EST: The Wall Street Journal publishes an article regarding Club Penguin Online. (Click Here)

Update @ ~1 AM EST: 13 playable Private Servers are left, 2 of them have received a DMCA.

[May 17th | 2020]

Update @ ~6 PM EST: Seven Club Penguin Rewritten Moderators resign. CPR and PS Discord Servers change into a ‘read-only’ mode.

[May 16th | 2020]

Update @ ~1 PM EST: Disney achieves mass shutdown of several Private Servers including (Click Here):

  • CP Brasil
  • CPPS Me
  • Free Penguin
  • CP Remastered
  • Waddle On
  • Penguin Zone
  • Air Penguin
  • Alpha Penguin

[May 15th | 2020]

Update @ ~2:00 AM EST: Club Penguin Online officially shuts down; multiple armies migrate to CPA: the game. (Click Here)

[May 14th | 2020]

Update @ ~12:00 PM EST: The British Broadcasting Corporation releases an article regarding the scandal. The post becomes trending in the technology section of the BBC’s news feed. (Click Here)

Update @ ~1:00 PM EST: The Walt Disney Company issues DMCA notices to multiple CPPS including:

  • Club Penguin Online
  • Club Penguin Rewritten
  • Super Club Penguin
  • Free Penguin
  • CPPS.me
  • Club Penguin Brasil
  • Club Penguin Remastered
  • Club Herbert
  • OldCP

[May 13th | 2020]

Update @ ~4:00 PM EST: Popular YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers releases a 40-minute documentary regarding all of the allegations against Club Penguin Online. (Click Here)

[May 1st | 2020]

Update @ 6:52 PM EST: Popular YouTuber Kavos releases a video regarding Club Penguin Online’s owner, Riley/Anthony. (Click Here)

[April 11th | 2020]

Update @ ~9:00 PM EST: Club Penguin Online releases a statement regarding ‘Joey Hues’, saying all of his allegations were false.

[April 10th | 2020]

Update @ 3:21 PM EST: Joey Hues releases his final exposure video.

[April 6th | 2020]

Update @ ~12:00 AM EST: Joey Hues releases a secondary video, exposing other staff members of CPO. The second video is later taken down.

[April 3rd | 2020]

Update @ 9:21 PM EST: Former Club Penguin Online moderator Dom, also known as Joey Hues, releases a video whistle-blowing CPO’s owner Riley/Anthony. The video goes viral. (Click Here)


What do YOU think about the situation? Will armies be able to survive?
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