Challengers Cup: Round Two Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The second round of the Challengers Cup has concluded, with four armies advancing into the semi-finals. But which armies won their battle?

The highly anticipated second round of the Challengers Cup saw eight armies go head-to-head in four intense 30-minute battles. Each conflict was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations and speed. Let’s find out the results of the battles, and discover who will be facing off in the semi-final round of the tournament.

Os Mascarados vs. Coup Crusaders

In the closest battle of the tournament so far, the Os Mascarados and Coup Crusaders went head-to-head. With both armies achieving a peak of 13 penguins, the battle took place at the Beach, Inside Mine and Docks. A 2-1-0 victory was announced in favour of the Coup Crusaders, with a draw occurring in the first room.

Winner: Coup Crusaders

Pizza Federation vs. Lime Green Army

Another extremely close battle saw a tie after the first three rooms, resulting in extra time and a fourth battle room. While the Pizza Federation peaked at 17, the Lime Green Army mustered 15 penguins. The first and last rooms were won by the Pizza Federation, a tie was announced for room two, while the Lime’s won the third room. This concluded in a 2-1-1 score.

Winner: Pizza Federation

Crimson Guardians vs. Silver Empire

The Crimson Guardians vs. Silver Empire battle began in the Town, before moving on to the Underground Pool and Ski Village. While the Guardians hit 16, the Silver Empire achieved 12. Despite the initial high size, the Guardians did drop throughout and were met with quicker tactics from the Silver Empire. Due to two out of three rooms resulting in a tie, a battle result of 1-2-0 was announced.

Winner: Crimson Guardians

People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Aliens

The final round two battle pitted the People’s Imperial Confederation against the Aliens. While battling in the Beach, Boiler Room and Cove, the Confederation and Aliens hit sizes of 21 and 16 respectively. A 3-0 result was declared by the judges for the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Winner: People’s Imperial Confederation

The Coup Crusaders, Pizza Federation, Crimson Guardians and People’s Imperial Confederation took the round two victories, which means they are now heading into the semi-finals. But which of these will succeed in making the grand finals? And who will take home the first Challengers Cup trophy?

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