Special Weapons and… Doritos? SWAT Close and Merge Into Doritos

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters — The recent shutdown of CP Online has affected the armies in this community in different ways. Earlier this week we saw the Golds merge into the Ice Warriors, and now SWAT has merged into the Doritos.

Created back in 2009 by Ganger90, the Special Weapons and Tactics quickly rose to be one of the most notorious armies in the original Club Penguin community. The army was revived by several veterans in April 2020, with their first event achieving an impressive 52 users.

SWAT at their height.

With their sizes dropping following their original platform’s demise, conversations regarding a merge with their brother allies, the Doritos, began. A decision was reached that SWAT leader Badboy would become the newest Doritos leader, while the other two leaders were given the leader-in-training and second-in-command positions.

Doritos Commander Badboy made a statement on the Doritos website showcasing his clear intentions for the future:

Will there be multilogging? No just like I learned in rehab, I don’t gotta live like that no mo. Will there be war? Yes. But when we are ready. I will not make any moves or start any beef with anyone until me and the other leaders are sure its a fight we can win.

SWAT’s final event took place on May 18th, and saw a considerably lower size of 20 penguins attend.

May 18th: SWAT’s final event.

CP Army Media was able to interview one SWAT’s former leaders, Sweater, to get his thoughts on the merge.

Why did SWAT decide to merge into the Doritos?

We were in a decline, and started to max/average less at events, and instead of letting such a legendary army perish that way we decided to take the offer our brother allies, the Doritos, gave us.

How do you think the merge will benefit the Doritos?

SWAT troops & the high command are a very dedicated bunch, who will benefit any army. From the amazing recruiters, to those active on chat making the recruits feel welcome, the team gets it done & knows what to do. I think we’ve added 10-15 troops.

We also managed to catch up with Doritos leader Rah, who said the following about the merge:

I believe we have more of a chance to contend with the top armies! With increased numbers, I’m sure we can climb up the Top Ten listings. We’ll keep our expectations reasonable and see what happens. Hoping for the best!

With the Doritos now in a better position than ever, could they be set to grab the number one spot and become the Top Army in the community? And with the Legends Cup X tournament just around the corner, could they be a top contender to take home the trophy?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. Man sucks cause they had a cool uniform

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