The Mighty Fallen: Night Warriors Shut Down

FOG, Night Warriors Capital — In a shocking turn of events, the Night Warriors have closed their doors for the community.

The Night Warriors are an army that was formed by Cowboysfan123 back when Disney’s Club Penguin existed. Several stalwarts have been a part of the army such as Tomb, Vendetta, and Cowboysfan himself, making the army a powerhouse. Night Warriors were revived by Epic101 in 2020. Due to controversies surrounding the CPPS itself, the army switched to Club Penguin Rewritten. This generation, being led by Dino, Games, and Olimad3 achieved sizes of what a S/M Army would boast about.

NW’s Revival on CPR.

Several Private Servers being on the radar, the community as a whole was not sure about the future. On 17th May 2020, the army decided to close its doors and help their allies build instead. An announcement was made in the discord server, which looked like this:

Shutdown Announcement

The main reason being a low size, the leaders decided to shut-down the army for good. With all the drama going around Private Servers, and armies in general, the rate of army closures increases rapidly.


What do YOU think about the decision? Will the Night Warriors return? 
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