Battle Review: ACP and WV Clash in Water Vikings Opening Event

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – The Army of Club Penguin and newly-reopened Water Vikings went head-to-head in a practice battle. But who took home the victory?

This practice battle took place on May 20th at 4 PM EST. The battle would also be the Water Vikings official opening event since their name change from the Golden Guardians, and they maxed a total of 41 troops, while the Army of CP hit 58 troops. Despite the size difference, both armies put up a great fight overall and performed some great tactics and formations. The three battle rooms were the Ice Berg, Stadium, and Docks.

Ice Berg

First, the two armies moved to the large Iceberg to start their battle. ACP quickly formed a circle, surrounding the Water Vikings, while they went for a plus formation. Then, ACP moved into an infinity formation, and WV changed into an Upside Down T. Both sides came out strong with stunning tactics and bombs, but ACP was overall stronger and more able to swarm the opponent, winning the first room.

Room 1: The Ice Berg


Next, they transferred to the Stadium, which naturally allows for more structured forms. ACP and WV both had a good start, with ACP lining up in 4 columns, and WV trying to cover them with an X formation. They both raked with sharp emote tactics, and ACP surrounded them again; the Water Vikings made a V formation in the meantime. Despite WV’s best efforts, ACP’s bombs were able to cover them better, ending with the second room going to ACP.

Room 2: The Stadium


Finally, the two armies ended in the Docks, the only room this battle that was not supersized, which squeezed them closer together. ACP opted to create an A form, utilising the Dock space, WV went for a more unconventional two lines down. ACP’s large tactic bubbles once again triumphed over the Water Vikings’ formation, and amidst a scatter form to fill the room, ACP’s size and precision allowed for them to take the third room.

Room 3: The Docks

Ultimately, the Army of Club Penguin dominated to achieve a 3-0 victory against the Water Vikings, but their opening event shows merit with incredible sizes that rival most larger armies.

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  1. Fear The Wave!

  2. I say IW won 3-0

  3. GJ ACP. GJ WV.

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