Frosty Tensions? Ice Warriors Raid Chaos’ Xat-Led Event

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Ice Warriors have made quite the impact in the past week, following CP Online’s demise, the latest being a raid on the Chaos Army’s xat-led event.

The Ice Warriors made the switch to CP Armies: The Game less than a week ago, and yet already have been involved in two major conflicts with the Rebel Penguin Federation and Doritos. They lost a three-way practice battle on May 17th (click here to read about that), only to win in a rematch several days later on May 19th. And if that wasn’t enough, they scheduled a raid on the Chaos Army’s xat-led event yesterday at US division times.

The Chaos recently announced a shutdown on May 31st, and have plans to hold fun events for their community until then. This included an xat-led event yesterday, which saw them use the xat platform again for nostalgic purposes. With 50 people on their xat chat, they managed to achieve a maximum size of 25 on Club Penguin.

The raid from the Ice Warriors made for great competition, and they peaked at a size of 45. The conflict took place in the Town, Underground Pool, Stadium, and another several other rooms as the Chaos fled the Ice Warriors advances. CP Army Media judge 2funky3 joked it was a 2-1 victory in favour of the Chaos, but later admitted the Ice Warriors were victorious. The Ice Warriors also decided not to post the event results on their website, which we can assume was because their size would drag down their Top Ten average.

Despite a few ‘jokey’ tactics exchanged from each side, the conflict appears to be nothing more than a fun raid. But could there be some underlying tensions? CP Army Media spoke with Chaos leader Orange, and Ice Warrior leader Regan, to try and find out more information on the raid:

Why did the Ice Warriors raid Chaos?

Orange: I believe they were just looking for a fun battle and wanted to mess around with us.
Regan: We were bored and wanted some fun.

Do you think there could be more conflict in the future?

Orange: Nah I don’t think so plus we’re moving on from CPA on the 31st so there’s really no point for them.
Regan: Nah, that was solely for fun, Orange was cool with it + I believe he also had fun with us lmao
It is clear that the Ice Warriors raid was purely for fun, and not because of a hate for their purple uniform. But could this skirmish lead to further conflict before the Chaos Army’s shutdown on May 31st? CP Army Media will be keeping a close eye on the situation. 

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Regan, i wanna join the IW Judge gang… Also it was actually a 3-0 Head of Boards victory… Drew is a HOB so it works out. Dw ppl trust me.

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