Into the Vault: The Final Day

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — Club Penguin, a game that had millions of hearts attached to it, closed its doors on 29th March 2017. CP Army Media brings forward, the second edition of ‘Into the Vault,’ in which we dwell on incidents of the past, this time, the Final Day of Club Penguin.

A wave of terror passed through each player’s heart when Club Penguin announced its closure. 30th January 2017, the date when armies all over the community were not sure what was coming for them. Club Penguin’s developer, Megg, announced that the game would shut down soon. Armies scheduled reunions, announced their final battles, and incorporated anything they could for the time left. Several old faces popped back up, CP Army Central announced their last tournament, with everyone prepared for the doomsday.

As the date approached closer, armies announced their last events. Underground Mafias, Army Republic, Doritos, and several others were confirmed dead by 28th March. While we saw Nachos invading Breeze as their final hurrah, Golds and Ice Warriors engaged in a battle. Teutons, Kings, Thugs, and several other S/M Armies shut their doors along with it. The Final Day was here, and people gathered on Xat, bidding farewell to their beloved game.

Nachos’ Final Event

Army Republic’s Final Event

Armies logged on to the Iceberg. The countdown was stuck in everyone’s mind. Even the biggest rivals of all time were together. Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, Dark Warriors, Army Republic, Water Vikings, and other armies were there, together for the ultimate moments. As the Clock Tower hit 12 AM, the connection was lost, forever.

The Final Hurrah

Club Penguin, with this, came to an end. The game had brought several users under online servers chatting, battling, and having fun. Various armies closed their doors along with it, and some shifted to Private Servers. The end of Club Penguin proved to be emotional for the majority. The Final Day had confirmed that “All good things come to an end.”


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  1. Nah i never play the original cp,this post makes my cry. 😭

  2. Remember that day.

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