The Domino Effect: Penguin Saloon Announces Closure

TAVERN, Penguin Saloon Hub — As we watch Disney’s rampage continue, the hammer fell on Penguin Saloon today.

Penguin Saloon, a private server released about three weeks ago, announced its shutdown today. The CPPS had its Beta-Party on May 3rd, 2020, for penguins to explore and bug test. The controversy surrounding Club Penguin Online proved to be a significant factor for the sudden growth of the server. Keeping the instability of their staff team aside, the CPPS had an active run.

Penguin Saloon Beta Party

After the shutdown of Club Penguin Online, it was pretty evident that Disney was coming for every private server. Copyright strikes all around, the number of playable CPPS’ halved within three days. Earlier today, the server’s administrator, Hash, announced that they would be shutting down.

As it has indeed been very short, Penguin Saloon will be shutting down later today after receiving a DMCA complaint from Disney requesting to take down the Penguin Saloon website due to the copyright infringement of the Club Penguin assets.

The announcement also had a picture of an email attached to it, which you can see here. (Email received by Penguin Saloon from Disney)

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The hopes lying low, the community also witnessed a new private server arise. “New Club Penguin” aims to do what no one else could be. The question remains intact, are we just delaying the inevitable?


What do YOU think about the closure of the Penguin Saloon? Is this the end of private servers?
Comment your opinion below and let us know.


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  1. Private Servers are dead.💀

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  3. Oh no! The newest CPPS is now closed 🙁

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