Challengers Cup Details: The Finale

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — The Challengers Cup has reached the climax. In this final battle, two Small / Medium armies will go head to head while fighting it out for the inaugural Challengers Cup.

The tournament started with 14 contenders from all over the CPA community, each looking to make a name for themselves by winning the brand new Challengers Cup. The beginning list was impressive, but with each passing round brought a smaller crop of challengers. The final two armies contending in the Challengers Cup Finals are:

Pizza Federation
Peoples Imperial Confederation


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The last battle of this tournament will take place on SATURDAY, MAY 23RD. The final match-up is:
Peoples Imperial Confederation
Pizza Federation
1:30 AM IST / 9 PM BST / 4 PM EST/ 3 PM CST / 2 PM MST / 1 PM PST

Each army that participated in this tournament deserves the utmost respect from the community. With Pizza Federation taking on the Peoples Imperial Confederation, this inaugural Challengers Cup looks to be ending off with a bang. Who do you think will win?
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  1. Interview with PZF leaders:

    “So how are you going to celebrate”

    Retro and Hidcre look at eachother and nod

    “PIZZA PARTY!!!!!”

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