Challengers Cup: Finals Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Challengers Cup comes to an end tomorrow, and only one army can take home the coveted trophy. But who will it be?

The results of the semi-finals round sees just two remaining armies advance into grand finals (click here for the timings), which is set to take place on Saturday, May 23rd. Who will emerge the victors? And who are the CP Army Media editors placing bets on?

Ayan leads the prediction rate with an almost-perfect score of 11/12. Close behind is Pookie, with 10/12, and Max and Dino, who both have 9/12 battles correctly predicted. Last week we added two more staff predictions from Koloway, Vice President, and Emcee, Chief-Executive-Officer, who are on 1/2 and 2/2 respecitively.

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People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Pizza Federation

Both the People’s Imperial Confederation and Pizza Federation have performed exceptionally in all of their battles. Both were seeded into round two, and therefore did not have to fight for a place in the first round. The Pizza Federation fought a hard match against the Lime Green Army in round two, in a battle that went into extra time, and peaked at 17. They went on to beat the Coup Crusaders with sizes of 21 in the semi-finals, winning 2 of the rooms and the third resulting in a tie. Not only have they got the high sizes, but have also been praised for some exciting tactics and formations.

The Confederation, on the other hand, stormed the second round with a maximum size of 21 against the Aliens. They encountered a much difficult battle in the semi-finals, with a max of 17 against the Crimson Guardians. Despite a higher size, they lacked in their speed, tactics and formations, which caused a 1-2-0 result. This narrow victory puts them on rocky ground entering this final battle, but could they come out in fighting spirit?

The staff predictions are split, with Emcee, Koloway, Pookie and Dino leaning towards the Confederation and Ayan and Max for the Pizza Federation. Ayan leads the race with 11/12 correctly predicted, so could he be right? Or did the majority place their faith in the right army? All will be revealed tomorrow.


Ayan, Chief Executive Officer: Pizza Federation

Emcee, Chief Executive Officer: People’s Imperial Confederation

Pookie, Executive Producer: People’s Imperial Confederation

Koloway, Vice President: People’s Imperial Confederation

Dino, Vice President: People’s Imperial Confederation

Max, Editor-in-Chief: Pizza Federation

With the grand finals taking place tomorrow, either of these armies could be set to take home the first Challengers Cup trophy. You’ve heard the editors prediction, but what is yours?

What do YOU think? Let us know about YOUR predictions in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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