The Horseplay of Fake DMCAs

KLONDIKE, Ayan’s Desk — Rumours pull their way through in the moments of chaos. The community lies in a similar state of utter confusion and turmoil.

The trend of making private servers had been there since the time immemorial when Disney’s Club Penguin existed. Even though it didn’t reach out to a vast majority during those times, servers bloomed as the original game ceased its operation. Club Penguin Rewritten, being the most popular one in 2017, grabbed the attention of several users. Not a long time ago, we saw the closure of CP Online, stuck in controversies. Along with that, came a series of copyright strikes to the other servers, some being true, others being fake.

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Last week, we saw the number of playable private servers getting halved due to DMCA notices. Nothing in here happens without a controversy. Several fake emails came in front of the community. CPPS’ such as Frosty and WaddleOn upon receiving them, were first shocked, but then brought it out to the public.

Fake DMCA sent to Frosty (Click to Enlarge)

False DMCA sent to WaddleOn (Click to Enlarge)

Servers such as UberPenguin, CPPSCreator, and several others have not issued any affirmative statement about the DMCA notices. CP Central commented on this situation as:

If the email is not from a hosting provider it is not real. The email address would also be and not

With the condition being critical, the future of private servers as a whole remains unclear. You need to know what’s right and what isn’t. It is advisable not to pass any rumour until you’re sure about its authenticity. Let’s stay united, as a community until it all falls apart.

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