Army of CP and Lime Green Army Declare War on Coup Crusaders

MAMMOTH, Army of CP Capital – A shocking series of events has led to the Army of Club Penguin and Lime Green Army to declare war on the newly-formed Coup Crusaders. But what exactly happened?

The Coup Crusaders have made an impactful entrance to the army community in recent weeks, first in the Challengers Cup, and now by entering a war with both the Army of Club Penguin and Lime Green Army.

The Army of CP were first to declare, with their main reason due to extensive troop stealing. In a website post (click here to read), Commander-in-Chief CSY outlined the reasons and provided evidence of these claims. At one event, as shown below, 7 out of the 20 penguins online were in fact Army of CP soldiers.

Coup Crusader leader Catalyst also admitted in a private message that it was in fact the idea of creator and leader, Earthing, to mass recruit from the ACP discord.

The Lime Green Army also declared war, yet their reason was quite different to that of the ACP’s. It was due to “multiple members of the Coup Crusaders leadership attempting to dox” Lime Green leader Dino. With an invasion of their nation scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday 24th, the Coup Crusaders seem to have attacks coming every direction.

And yet the drama doesn’t stop there. Amidst the war declarations, the Coup Crusaders themselves have been hit with internal drama and turmoil, with creator Earthing and leader Catalyst turning their back on the army. A figure known as ‘Myth’ also established himself as the army’s ‘Dictator’, taking command from leader Olimad.

The Army of CP currently have two invasions of the Coup Crusaders nation scheduled for Sunday, May 23rd. How will the events of this conflict unfold? Will the Coup Crusaders surrender, or show up for their defences? CP Army Media will continue to cover this ongoing story.

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