CPAM Special Report: Inside the Challengers Cup Multilogging Scandal

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – In a CP Army Media special report, we take a look at the excessive multi-logging that took place by the People’s Imperial Confederation at the Challengers Cup Finals.

Just hours ago, the Pizza Federation beat the People’s Imperial Confederation in the Challengers Cup Finals. Following the battle, the People’s Imperial Confederation claimed that they were targeted by an unknown individual, potentially from the Pizza Federation, with troops that “were not in the army” and deliberately avoided tactics and formations to make them look unorganized and incompetent. They requested an investigation and rematch.

A picture of the accounts PIC claimed to have affected their win, from PIC leader Phoebe.

CP Army Media took these allegations seriously and enlisted the help of Superhero123 to try and discover if there was any truth behind them. As the creator and main developer of the game, Superhero has access to the IP addresses of the users. For those that do not know, an IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Therefore, if two penguin accounts were to have the same IP address, it is almost certainly an indication of multi-logging activity.

It is of the utmost importance to note that Superhero is the only person able to view the CPATG IPs, and the IPs have NOT been shared with anyone, including the CP Army Media staff. 

Superhero’s findings proved both shocking and highly revealing. Picture 1 below shows the accounts Earthing, Sincostan, Nanotak, Snarkyzero all belonging to the same IP address. Earthing is a former Coup Crusader leader and current Confederation advisor. This evidence suggests Earthing multi-logged 3 accounts at the battle.

Picture 1

Picture 2 shows the accounts P9373 and Geounit have the same IP address. It is unknown who exactly these belong to, but the evidence suggests multi-logging is again present.

Picture 2

Picture 3 suggests Confederation leader Sidie multi-logged two penguins at the event: P9301 and P9358, as they again had the same IP as her main penguin account. It is noteworthy that both of these P-numbered accounts were created several hours before the battle began.

Picture 3

Finally, Picture 4 reveals that the account Cherry1, who actually sided with the Pizza Federation, also belongs to the owner of the penguins Geounit and P9373, from Picture 2. This is highly confusing, as the owner of these accounts apparently logged on two penguins for the Confederation, and one for the Pizza Federation.

Picture 4.

These findings display a total of SEVEN multi-logged penguins at the battle, six of which were sided with the People’s Imperial Confederation. CP Army Media asked Superhero for a statement regarding his findings:

“After requested to me from Max I looked into the database’s login logs to figure out if there were multiple accounts during that battle that logged in from the same IP address. The investigation returned the following findings: Accounts P9301 (Nyoma) and P9358 (Narnia) logged in from the same IP address as Sidie, PIC’s Leader. The 2 accounts supported PIC in the battle, like Sidie did as well. Accounts Snarkyzero, Sincostan and Nanotak logged in from the same IP as Earthing, CC’s Leader. The 3 accounts supported PIC in the battle, like Earthing did as well. Accounts P9373 (Freindfinder) and Geounit logged in from the same IP as Cherry1. The 2 accounts supported PIC in the battle, while Cherry1 supported PZF. I was and still am the only one with access to the logged IP addresses that resulted on those findings. CPA:TG is not supportive of multilogging, and every accusation of such by any community member will be investigated and, if it’s true, will be brought to light.”

It is clear that the evidence presented strongly suggests that the accounts the Confederation originally claimed to be “rogue trolls,” planted to ensure their loss, were actually their own multi-logged penguins. This would also mean that post-battle, their leadership attempted to use their multi-logging exploits as a means to achieve a rematch. Due to the evidence presented, the CP Army Media administration will be deducting points from the Confederation’s Top Ten score this week. 

While CP Army Media passionately believes in exposing the wrongdoings of those in this community, we also believe in a right of reply. Therefore, we approached Sidie and the Confederation leadership for their response. Sidie denies multi-logging and insists she has never done so before, while co-leaders Emma and Phoebe said they were completely unaware.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

The events of Challengers Cup lived up to what they promised, and more. The People’s Imperial Confederation have been caught blue-handed, although leader Sidie denies the evidence presented. Do you believe her? Or does the evidence speak for itself? This is an ongoing story and CP Army Media will be providing you with the very latest.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

12 Responses

  1. This is bull. How do you know that they weren’t framed? And you should have kept this information to yourselves. Not grabbed a megaphone and yelled it out.

    • Framed?! There is evidence for more than one person the evidence definitely speaks for itself and if you can’t see that then you’re blind and biased and delusional. The evidence is clear.

    • CPAM is a news site. We believe what the proofs say. If an army doesn’t want to be called out like this, they shouldn’t do such stuff. lol

      • And why would an army report themselves if they knew they would get caught?

        • They didn’t “report” themselves. They asked for a rematch. It’s all written in the post m8, fact-check yourself

  2. Solid points on everything, but remember that a matching IP doesn’t always mean multi-logging.

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