Doritos Invade the Pirates on Winter Land

WINTER LAND, Battle Room — On the 23rd of May, 2020, Doritos of Club Penguin and the Pirates logged onto CPATG’s Winter Land to face off in a momentous battle over the territory. Now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look into the battle.

While DCP aggressively raided the land, the Pirates deployed a defensive unite to oppose the Dorito’s heated attack. The two armies agreed to wage war in the following three rooms: Snow Fort, Stadium, and Iceberg.  Both armies fought vigorously.

[Snow Forts]

In the first room, DCP formed a circle around the Snow Fort while the Pirates modelled a plus formation. Breaking formation first, the Doritos of Club Penguin bunched on the top right corner of the map to deploy an explosion of E3s towards their opponent which triggered the Pirates to successfully dodge the attack by waterfalling jokes over the DCP army. The two armies continued to hurl taunts back and forth, but with the greater size, the Pirates overpowered DCP.

Snow Forts Showdown


Immediately, the Doritos of Club Penguin and Pirates produced a massive plus in the stadium; trading emotes and word tactics between each other. Eventually, DCP would bomb “GAS” referencing drama within the army/CPPS community. Remaining in the same formation, the Pirates retaliated by firing sharp jabs at DCP’s leader Meerkat. Yet again, with the Pirates bunching and preforming defensive tactics, and DCP dominating visually with better tactic speed and a few more formations than their competitor, Doritos cleared the Pirates in the Stadium.

Ice Rink Frenzy


Predictably, both armies, upon entering their final room, bombed and then generated the massive plus sign, fighting tooth and nail to be seen in comparison to the opposing force. This continued for a good chunk of the battle, and after some back and forth between the two armies via word tactics, DCP bunched top right and skillfully deployed a series of bombs. Travelling from one side of the map to the other, the Doritos changed emotes each lap they waddled across the Pirate’s plus formation. This alone presented DCP the Berg on a silver platter, but the Pirate’s delayed response to the bombings put the nail in “Davey Jones’s Locker.”

Iceberg Collision

The battle was judged in the CP Army League discord. Here is what the verdict looked like:

DCP won 2-1 against the Pirates. Both armies battle well and the Pirates had the size advantage, but because of DCP’s fast-crispy formations and their tactic speed, execution, and delivery, the Doritos put the nail in the Pirate’s coffin in this battle and took the win.


What do YOU think about this battle? Was the Judges’ decision accurate?
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