Earthing Confesses To Botting Challengers Cup Finals

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Following yesterday’s CP Army Media special report, we speak exclusively to Earthing, one of the multilogging perpetrators from the Challengers Cup finals. 

Only last week Earthing was leading the Coup Crusaders into the semi-finals of the Challengers Cup. Yet relations with the army broke down and he joined the People’s Imperial Confederation for an advisor position. His “advice” fell short, however, as he was found guilty, alongside Confederation leader Sidie, for multilogging at the Challengers Cup Final (click here to read about that).

The picture below, provided by CP Armies: The Game creator Superhero123, shows the accounts Earthing multilogged: Sincostan, Nanotak and Snarkyzero. It was discovered that all 4 of the penguins he had online had the same IP address.

Following the special report, we contacted Earthing to allow for his side of the story to be shared. In our conversations, he confessed he used the Challengers Cup finals as “testing” for a bot script he is currently developing.

He also divulged plans to further develop this script so that the individual penguins have different IP addresses attached to them. This would make multilogging on CP Armies: The Game significantly harder to uncover.

Not only this, but he also made clear his intentions to sell scripts to members of the army community, for the right price. Some of the programs he currently offers include a CP Rewritten stamp and money adder and a bot script for both CP Rewritten and CP Armies: The Game. Surprisingly, or perhaps not after yesterday’s events, he has already sold some of these scripts to people in the community.

Although many would assume Sidie and Earthing worked together to multilog at the battle, Earthing contests this argument. He states he was “shocked” to learn of Sidie’s multilogging exploits and insists they were not in cahoots. But is he telling the truth, or is he covering for a friend?

The hunt to discover the identity of the mysterious Cherry1/Geounit continues, and Earthing admitted that he knows exactly who it is. Describing “him” as a “close friend”, Earthing said he would not reveal their identity.

Earthing has now joined the Templars for an advisor rank, after he was approached by leader Xing yesterday. This now raises speculation that the Templars could be involved in such illicit activity, but of course there is no evidence of this yet. CP Army Media will continue to provide you with the latest.

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Yikes

  2. Shame on you, Earth… why not coming back to making GFXes? Why choosing bot scripts which can be used for dirty tricks?
    I feel sad about your behavior. RIP.

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