Legends Cup X: A Ten Year Legacy in the Making


KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — The Club Penguin Army community has deeper roots than one can imagine, and it is said that you should always remember where you come from. With this idea in mind, CP Army Media takes a moment to glance back at our complex history in celebration of the Legends Cup’s revival and extend an invitation to participate. As the CP Army Community proceeds into the next phase of Summer @ CP Army Media, we’re proud to announce that we will be hosting Legends Cup X in collaboration with CP Army League.

The 10 Year Old Legacy

The Legends Cup is a tournament hosted originally by CP Army Central every year, first beginning in 2010. There were a total of eight yearly competitions during the reign of Disney’s Club Penguin. In order to continue the legacy set by CP Army Central, Club Penguin Online’s Army League hosted the ninth annual tournament as a part of Summer @ CPOAL 2018. This year, CP Army Media brings to you the tenth, with more than 30 armies on board and the intention to make history following in the footsteps of all previous Legends Cups.

This year, CP Army Media will be hosting on a vast scale. Bearing in mind that the Rebel Penguin Federation won the title four times previously, it will be an interesting watch to see who grabs it this time considering our now united community and the new competitive atmosphere that this brings. The tournament will be held on CP Armies: The Game, allowing everyone to participate and watch on one platform.

RPF vs. WV – Legends Cup VI

Invited Armies & Seeding

Since the shut down of Club Penguin Online, armies have finally come under the umbrella of one private server. We rounded up a list of armies based on the latest Top Tens. As this tournament is open to all armies, please direct message a CEO if your army would like to participate and is not on the list below.

The armies will be seeded based on their position within those same Top Tens. The army at the top will face the one at the bottom and so on. The top four armies will be separated into four separate quarters, preventing them from facing each other unless they reach the Semi-Finals. The brackets and schedule will be posted on Monday, May 25th at 11:59 PM PST, giving leaders time to check if their army is on the list or not and act accordingly.

Note: Details regarding the rules, Judges, Discord changes, etc. will be posted along with the bracket. Stay tuned.

Invited Armies:

  1. Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF)
  2. Doritos of Club Penguin (DCP)
  3. Pirates
  4. Ice Warriors (IW)
  5. Army of Club Penguin (ACP)
  6. Dark Warriors (DW)
  7. Help Force (HF)
  8. Water Vikings (WV)
  9. Elites
  10. Pizza Federation (PZF)
  11. Royal Family (Royals)
  12. Peoples Imperial Confederation (PIC)
  13. Redemption Force (RF)
  14. Crimson Guardians (CG)
  15. Chaos
  16. Coup Crusaders (CC)
  17. Lime Green Army (LGA)
  18. Dark Bandits (DB)
  19. Os Mascarados (OMA)
  20. One Direction Army (1DA)
  21. Templars
  22. Aliens
  23. Animal Kingdom (AK)
  24. Citrus Army 
  25. Vikings
  26. Golden Troops (GT)
  27. Sun Troops
  28. Angels Army
  29. The Galactic Empire (TGE)
  30. Jungle Warriors (JW)
  31. Sky Troops
  32. Golds Empire
  33. Silver Empire (SE)
  34. Cold War Federation (CWF)
  35. Yellow Warriors (YW)

Army Leaders for these armies will be approached by staff members within the next 24 hours. Make sure to reply before the time mentioned above. Over the next few days, we will release several posts in order to advertise and create hype for what will be a legendary tournament. Make sure to take a look as we post them through our site and Discord!

  • Tournament Schedule
  • Predictions
  • Meet the Judges

What do YOU think? What do you think of a united Legends Cup Tournament? What are your thoughts on reviving this tradition once more? Let us know in the comments below!



CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Media Chief Executive Officer


CP Army League Head of Board

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