Practice Battle Review: Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Capital – The latest practice battle in the community, this time between the Help Force and Rebel Penguin Federation, saw one army dominate with significantly higher sizes.

The Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force have quite the history behind them, especially when it comes to their performance at battles. Despite their close relationship as allies, each side took this conflict seriously, giving their all to try and take home the victory. The battle took place on Saturday, May 23rd, at European friendly times.

Room 1: Ice Berg

In the first room, the Ice Berg, the Rebels huge size of 84 penguins meant some troops were locked out. Despite being severely outnumbered, the Help Force and their size of 25 stood strong, making several good attempts to cut through their opponents attacks. The RPF took victory in the first room.

Room 2: Docks

The second room, the Docks, again saw the RPF covering the Help Force with their imposing sizes. With both sides performing an array of tactics and formations, the Rebels took victory of the room. 

Room 3: Stadium

The third and final room, the Stadium, told a similar story to the first two. The Help Force, still outnumbered, made some fantastic witty comebacks while the Rebels dominated with their impactful formations. As the 30 minute battle drew to an end, a 3-0 victory for the RPF was declared.

Despite the Rebels outnumbering the Help Force 3 to 1, the fantastic showing from both armies made for an exciting battle. Seemingly unaffected by their leaders recent retirement, the Rebels now have their eyes set on the upcoming Legends Cup X, in which they have high hopes to perform well in.

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