Universal S/M Top Ten Armies [17/05 – 23/05]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the Universal Top Twenty being released today, we bring to you the Small/Medium Top Ten armies.

1. Aliens [33.0]

2. Animal Kingdom [32.5]

3. Citrus Army [31.5]

4. Vikings [27.5]

5. Golden Troops [23.0]

6. Sun Troops [21.6]

7. Angels Army [20.0]

8. The Galactic Empire [15.0]

9. Jungle Warriors [14.5]

10. Sky Troops [10.0]

Click here for the S/M top ten calculations.


1. Aliens: The Aliens of CP had 2 events this week. Both events consisted of their battles in the Challengers Cup. In their first battle against Emperors, they maxed 8 aliens. For their second battle, their only other event, they maxed 16.

2. Animal Kingdom: AK had 2 events this week. For their first event, they had a tactical training in which they maxed 14. Their other event of the week consisted of the Invasion of Ice Cave, in which they were able to pull out 13 people.

3. Citrus Army: Having just one event this week, the Citrus Army continues to spread its aroma. Their event consisted of an Invasion of Klondike, in which they maxed 15.

4. Vikings: The Vikings had an eventful week this week. They started off with a celebration event where they maxed 9. They then had an igloo contest maxing 7, a Simon Says event maxing 8, and to end of the week, they had a final sardines event maxing 14.

5. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops hosted two events this week, they started their week off by celebrating their 1 month anniversary with a max of 11 and the other event being a classic tactic training event where they maxed 7.

6. Sun Troops: The Sun Troops had 3 events this week. They started their week with an Unscheduled event in which they maxed 7. Their other events consisted of an Invasion of Klondike in which they maxed 8 and a training event maxing 8 Sun Troopers.

7. Angels Army: The Angels of CP held two events this week. On Sunday, they had their Challenger’s Cup battle against the Coup Crusaders, maxing 2. Then, on Wednesday, they had a U-Lead Training event with a max of 9.

8. The Galactic Empire: The force was strong with the Galactic Empire, starting with their opening event maxing 5, and a Uniform event on Thursday maxing 5 as well.

9. Jungle Warriors: The Jungle warriors held their opening event on Ice Box, with the help of One Direction army, maxing 6.

10. Sky Troops: Sky Troops fought valiantly in the Challengers Cup against Crimson Guardians but did not make it to the next round. They maxed 3 penguins.



Several armies have closed their doors due to the CPApocalpyse going on currently. Will Aliens be able to maintain the spot they have achieved? Comment YOUR opinion on the S/M Top Ten Armies. Let us know what YOU think.

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  1. im acc to proud of the skaters for making it into major armies

  2. my pp hard

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