Universal Top Twenty Armies [17/05 – 23/05]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With several major armies shutting down this week, we see some drastic movements in the Top Twenty positions.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [128.7]

2. Doritos of Club Penguin [91.6]

3. Pirates [89.5]

4. Ice Warriors [89.1]

5. Army of Club Penguin [80.9]

6. Dark Warriors [80.7]

7. Help Force [66.3]

8. Water Vikings [57.1]

9. Elites [55.2]

10. Pizza Federation [52.9]

11. Royal Family [49.5]

12. Peoples Imperial Confederation [45.7]

13. Redemption Force [44.5]

14. Crimson Guardians [44.1]

15. Chaos [41.5]

16. Coup Crusaders [40.9]

17. Lime Green Army [40.5]

18. Dark Bandits [37.3]

19. Os Mascarados [36.0]

20T. One Direction Army [33.5]

♦ 20T. Templars [33.5]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF held 10 events this week. Starting on Sunday, they had an AUSIA Invasion of Rocky Road maxing 62 rebels, then they had a three-way EU practice battle against Ice Warriors and Doritos, maxing 113 and winning the battle. After that, they held an EU/US Good Fight Gala to celebrate graduates, maxing 91. On Tuesday, they had an AUSIA Pizza event, maxing 103 chefs, and then a practice battle against Ice Warriors, maxing 98 but losing the battle 2-1. On Wednesday, they invaded Bunny Hill for their EU event, with a max of 86. The next day, they had a US Mod U-Lead, maxing 112. On Friday, they held an AUSIA Stamp event with a max of 81, and a US Invasion of Cloudy with a max of 76. Finally, they had 2 Saturday events: an AUSIA Costume event maxing 65, and an EU Practice Battle with HF, winning with a max of 84.

2. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos of Club Penguin started their week with a 3-way practice battle against IW and RPF, in which they maxed 72. Progressing with their week, they invaded Alaska and Winterland maxing 75 and 55 in those invasions.

3. Pirates: The switch from CP Online to CP Armies: The Game hit the Pirates this week, and they started their week with a training event that saw sizes of 75. An invasion of the server Grizzly two days later witnessed a peak of 60 and an invasion of Mountain a size of 50. The Pirates then entered a war with the Doritos, losing their server Winter Land while hitting 60 online.

4. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held a few events this week. They started off with a 3-way practice battle against RPF and Doritos peaking at 72 troops. Later on, they had a practice battle with RPF maxing 67. They then raided the Chaos army seeing a max of 53. To finish off the week, the Ice Warriors had 2 AUSIA training events with maxes of 42 and 36. 

5. Army of Club Penguin: ACP started off their week with an AUSIA event, Operation: Fight or Flight, maxing 39. Later that day, they held a branch battle, maxing 44. For their US event that day, they had an unscheduled recruiting session, while maxing 40. On Tuesday, they held two Moderator lead events, UK maxing 37 and US maxing 45. They also had a Spec Ops event that day, maxing 40. The next day, they had a Practice Battle vs Water Vikings, while maxing 58. On Friday, they held a Cheerleading event, maxing 41. To end off their week, they had a Practice Battle vs Crimson Guardians, maxing 35.

6. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors had a simple week with only 2 events. They started off with a training event maxing 63. The army ended off holding an AUSIA event peaking at 45 troops.

7. Help Force: Help Force started off their week with an EU Branch Battle on Sunday, maxing 31 helpers. The following day, they held a US Pizza event with a max of 46. On Tuesday they had an AUSIA Coffee event maxing 32 baristas. Wednesday’s events included an AUSIA: a training event with a max of 19, and an EU Invasion of Northern Lights with a max of 36. On Thursday, they had an EU Soccer event, maxing 27. Help Force held 2 events to wrap up the week: an EU Training event with a max of 22, and a US Director event with a max of 37.

8. Water Vikings: The community witnessed the return of the legendary Water Vikings this week. Starting their week as Golden Guardians, they invaded Sled maxing 21. After re-branding themselves to the historical entity, they had an inaugural event in which they maxed 41. Progressing with their week, they held their first AUSIA training event in which they maxed 28. For their last event, they held a massive training in which they had over 32 Vikings online.

9. Elites: The Elites held quite a number of events this week. They started off with a training session maxing 35+. Following after, they had a successful invasion of Slippers with sizes of 25+. The army hit 25+ troops once again with their invasion of Bobsled. They ended off the week with a practice battle against the Royals maxing 20.

10. Pizza Federation: Pizza Federation got busy in the kitchen this week with 8 events. On Sunday, they unsuccessfully defended Sled on CPATG against the Golden Guardians, with a max of 12. The following day, they held a training event for the Challenger’s Cup, maxing 20. On Tuesday they had their first battle in the cup against LGA, winning a close 2-1-1 in overtime, maxing 17 troops. After that event on the same day, they held a Rainbow Pizza event, maxing 17 troops. On Thursday, they held an Invasion of Blizzard on Penguin Saloon, and they maxed 20 chefs. Then, they faced off against the Coup Crusaders in the semi-finals, winning the better with a 2-1-1 victory and a max of 21 troops. They had an unscheduled recruiting session on Friday, maxing 6 recruiters. Finally, this Saturday, they faced off against PIC to win the Challenger’s Cup maxing 21 troops.

11. Royal Family: The Royals started their week off with an event on Sunday for the Beginning of Gen 2 maxing 26. On Tuesday, they invaded Walrus maxing 16 troops! Then, on Thursday, they invaded slushy with a max of 30, following that on Saturday they had a battle against Elites hitting a max of 16, but they lost the battle 2-1.

12. Peoples Imperial Confederation: PIC had an eventful week, which had several Invasions and Battles. Starting off with the Invasion of Husky in which they maxed 10, they held a Fiesta Party maxing 8. Their next event was the battle against Aliens, in which they maxed a solid 21. Progressing with their week, they invaded Belly Slide maxing 9, and held a training event in which they had 12 people online. The next day, for their Semi-Finals battle against CG, they maxed 18 and grabbed the win. Along with this, they held another Training and a Hide-n-seek event in which they maxed 7 and 10 penguins. The last event of the week saw an intense Finals battle against PZF, in which PIC maxed 26.

13. Redemption Force: The Redemption Force had one event this week, debuting on Penguin Saloon before it shut down with a max of 30, the largest numbers ever seen on the now-dead CPPS.

14. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians had an eventful week with 7 events on board. Starting off with the tournament battle against Sky troops, they maxed 7. They held a Tactical practice in which they maxed 10, and faced off against Silver Empire in the second round of the tournament, maxing 16. Progressing with their week, they held another practice in which they maxed 10, and maxed 13 in the Semi-Final battle against PIC. For their last events, they maxed 7 in a practice battle against ACP, and a Bass Boy hide and seek event maxing 10.

15. Chaos: The Chaos Army had two chaotic events this week. Starting with an invasion of CPAM, they invaded Klondike maxing 15. For their other event, they had a practice battle against IW in which they maxed 25.

16. Coup Crusaders: The Coup Crusaders held 7 events this week, and held a mighty crusade in the Challenger’s Cup, reaching the semifinals. Starting their week off, they had a US Training event on Sunday, maxing 11 troops. Following that on the same day, they begin their journey in the Challenger’s Cup, defeating Angels 3-0 and maxing 12. The next day, they invaded Hockey on CPATG, hitting a max of 12 troops again. Tuesday’s event was their second round of the Challenger’s Cup, defeating OMA in a close 2-0, maxing 14 troops this time. Later that day, they invaded King’s capital on CPATG, Ascent, with no opposition, claiming it with 6 troops. Then, on Thursday, they invaded Slushy with 10 troops. Finally, they fought PZF in the Semi-Finals of the Challenger’s Cup in their closest battle yet, narrowing losing despite a high max of 23 troops.

17. Lime Green Army: The Lime Green army held an impressive 7 events this week. Kicking things off on Sunday, LGA held a Band Recruitment maxing 8 and then went against the Kings in the first round of the Challengers Cup maxing 11. The following day, LGA held a cove guitar party maxing 6 lime penguins, and later an unscheduled Rogue Training where they saw a max size of 14. Tuesday brought the second round of the Challengers Cup, where LGA maxed 14. On Wednesday, the Lime Green Army had a successful invasion of Yeti maxing 7. In their last event of the week, LGA claimed Grizzly in a max 6 invasion.

18. Dark Bandits: The Dark Bandits held 4 solid events for the week. On Sunday, they held an EU Training and a US costume event, maxing 16 and 15 respectively. They had an EU Recruiting event on Tuesday, maxing 15 troops. Finally, they had a US Musical event, maxing 13 in the Conductor costume.

19. Os Mascarados: Os Mascarados started off their week with the first round of the Challengers Cup, vs the Night Warriors, they maxed 7 and came out victorious. The same day, they held an event on CPATG, maxing 8. After this, they faced off in the second round of the Challengers Cup, vs Coup Crusaders, and maxed 14. Later in the week, they had a battle vs Redemption Force and maxed 12. To finish off their week, they held a Comeback event and maxed 17.


20T. One Direction Army: The One Direction army only held one event this week. They had a U-Lead event maxing 18 troops.

20T. Templars:  The Templars held two crusades this week. First, they invaded Alaska successfully with a max of 17. Their second event of the week was a War Training event, maxing 14 Templars.


After the shutdown of CPOnline, we see a downfall in the sizes of those armies. Will the armies be able to overcome this? Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s Top 20 Armies. Will armies shut down completely in the near future? Let us know what YOU think.

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