[BREAKING] Penguin Saloon Database Breached in Unfortunate Hacking

TAVERN, Penguin Saloon Server – In a hacking that not one member of the community saw coming, popular Club Penguin Private Server Penguin Saloon has been breached. CP Army Media brings you this story from the front lines, and more will be added as this story develops.

UPDATE 3:26 AM EST: CPAM has had the chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Asylum, revealing that this was all a major prank in an attempt to expose Hash for his alleged wrong-doings in the community. Click HERE to read that post!

UPDATE: 2:34 AM EST: It has been revealed that ‘Asylum’ is Dom, the same guy who brought to light all of the wrongdoings of the CPO administration. He has since taken down the post from a public forum, stating that “its unfair for users and the community to pay for the sins of the owner. No one bought the database so no one has to worry … it will not be leaked.” With Dom/Asylum taking down this post and stating that it will not be leaked, can we feel confident in the fact that our information is secure? Can we trust Dom, who has gone out of his way to both breach and leak the Penguin Saloon database? More on this story as it develops.

At 2:11 AM EST on May 25th, 2020, Penguin Saloon’s database was leaked by an user under the name ‘Asylum’. It is currently unknown who this Asylum is, but it is known that they are behind the attacks. With many armies in the community using this as a platform for recruiting and events, it puts many members of our community at risk. CP Army Media advises that the next few images are read with caution, as they contain language that our younger and more sensitive audiences may find repulsive.

Asylum seems to have both hacked and leaked the Penguin Saloon database, which is now publicly available on an unnamed forum. We with CPAM do not advise anyone to search up this information, as using or possessing this information is grounds for removal from both the server and community. Even though Asylum himself is unknown, his motives truly are. By leaking this database and accessing all accounts from Penguin Saloon, Asylum has used 3000 users information as a bargaining chip in a game of revenge. It is advised that any member of the CP Army community who has signed up for this game take extreme precaution, and change their password if used on ANY other platform.

What are YOUR thoughts on the Penguin Saloon breach? This is an UPDATING story, so please keep checking back for more info.
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