BREAKING: Templars Found Guilty of Mass Botting Latest Event

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The latest in the ongoing saga regarding Earthing and his bot script involves the Templars, who have used said script to enhance sizes at an AUSIA division training.

It has been just two days since CP Army Media uncovered the use of botting and multilogging in the People’s Imperial Confederation (click here to read), and yet another army has already been caught doing the same thing. Former Confederation advisor and current Templars advisor, Earthing, announced yesterday his plans to sell the bot script used at the Challengers Cup Finals (click here to read).

It would seem his first customer was Templars advisor and “panel of guardian” member Jay, who used the script at an AUSIA training earlier today, May 25th. The event was marked as the ‘reopening of AUSIA’ by leader Xing, who stated a maximum size of 23 and average of 20.

Suspicious community members made CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief Max aware of a potential situation, and a short investigation drew up several findings. The first of these included someone “flexing” the same bots on CP Armies: The Game server Ice Box, under the penguin alias “Disabled0917”. These bots were the same present at the Templars event.

After contacting Earthing with this information, it was discovered Jay obtained the script from him prior to the Templars AUSIA event. Jay proceeded to create between “8 and 10” ‘alt’ accounts to use for botting purposes. The picture below also shows a conversation between Earthing and Jay, discussing Jay’s botting capabilities.

Jay discussing his bots with Earthing

Following CP Army Media’s investigations, Earthing announced Jay no longer has access to the bot script due to the “unprofessional way he handled it”. Earthing also leaked a paste-bin with the ‘alt’ accounts Jay used for the event – a total of 8. They all have the same password of “04012001”. CP Armies: The Game developer Superhero123 has also confirmed that six penguins had the same IP address at the event. 

Templars creator and leader Xing has made a statement on the situation, insisting he had no knowledge of Jay’s exploits, and announced the banishment of both Jay and Earthing from the army.

We didn’t know about the botting and didn’t have any intentions to do so. In terms of action both Earthing and Jay have been banned.

This, however, has been contested by both Jay and Earthing, who state Xing was involved and knew all along.

The Templars posted the event results in the CP Army Media Discord channel ‘#event-results’, which the Top Ten makers use to formulate the weekly listings. However, CP Army Media will not be counting this event towards the upcoming Top Ten. 

In response, Superhero123 has IP banned both Earthing and all the ‘alt’ accounts he has. But will he find a way to bypass this and continue to cause chaos in the community? And who else will purchase his bot script to use at their events? This ongoing saga has seen many twists and turns, and sadly, I don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of it. CP Army Media will continue to bring you the very latest.

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CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Wow….It’s almost as if Earthing is one doing this.

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